Friday, September 9, 2016

DEFINITION OF COLOUR- Lady In Black '99 (1998)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 9, 2016

With this sudden trend of surprises, coincidences and things being out of the ordinary, I thought it would be fun to come right back with a third artist in as many days who is not bashful about showing off its own true colors, too. An unexpected but very much welcomed new addition to my boyband collection was gifted to me in the way of the five-piece troupe that called itself DEFINITION OF COLOUR and their only known single entitled "Lady In Black" (well, " Lady In Black '99 ", to be more precise). And with me getting acquainted with them upon my reception of this four-track music share comes a number of more mind-boggling mysteries, starting with these DEFINITION OF COLOUR guys themselves. Who are they? Where did they come from? The database lists their "Lady In Black" single as their only music entry under a defunct music label called 'Black Culture' without revealing any kind of biographical information. I'm practically dying to know—if not for the simple fact that I adore all of the boybands, then just because I love to solve a good music mystery! At least one thing's for certain: this "Lady In Black" song is not a direct lyrical remake of the song by the same title by the British rock band, URIAH HEEP., but I can't help but to wonder if the haunting, harmonious chanting of the 'ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh' in the main chorus (which sounds so familiar) was at least borrowed from the same song? I'll have to listen to verify. Meanwhile, this DEFINITION OF COLOUR version definitely has got some dark undertones weaved within the lyrics, which I didn't totally grasp after three separate listens to the respective mixes. Despite the hard and edgy nature of the song—at least from what I surmised—the music altogether is terrific, having a marvelously tight, r&b bounce that matches well with their collectively soulful voices, which I love the most on the 'L.I.B. Mission Mix' where they present that hauntig 'ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh' in an almost acapella, Gregorian-style chant. Thinking more about the three different mixes, there's even more mystery to be solved, as I wonder if the ' '99 ' tagged to the title indicates that there were previously-recorded studio versions of it? And would that further indicate that this boyband has been around much longer than this one single release? What happened to the guys following this release? Why did they break up? The latter two questions are valid, as the fourth track on this single is a pure gem that surely would've found them success somewhere. This delightful slow jam shines due to his r&b-perfect production and their stunning vocal performance, even if their passionate words about trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to keep a girl in their hearts is riddled with the same unsettling darkness and edginess as "Lady In Black":

1. Lady In Black '99
2. Lady In Black '99 (L.I.B. Mission Mix)
3. Lady In Black '99 (Long Version)
4. Bye, Bye

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