Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jean-Bosco Safari - Little Boy Blue (1995)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 7, 2016

It was a return getaway back onto the 'African safari' earlier this afternoon when I progressed deeper into the lush musical wilderness with the African born, Belgian singer whom I had originally known as Kid Safari. Shortly after being 'wowed' by his proper debut album under that name, I'd learn that his true stage name became Jean-Bosco Safari, with a complete alternate discography to go along with it. The first stop along this second leg of the 'Safari': "Little Boy Blue"; I expected it to wow me just like that first album of his, and I would not be disappointed in the slightest! When I boarded the "Love Bus" at the beginning and took in the colorful, jazz-funk rhythm and the uplifting sound of his distinctively soulful voice rejoicing over every word, I felt an immediate air of happiness that made me smile. That air would continue to linger inside of me as my ears received every one of the songs thereafter, each possessing a special, heartwarming glow that I found to be naturally pleasing and easy to adore. The one simply entitled "Blue" is, perhaps, the most colorful of them all—both in a lyrical and a production sense; the lively acoustic guitar-driven beat serves as excellent backdrop for his poetic words of describing everything that the color blue represents. Though it's a different shade of blue on the beauty that is the title track, one that shines on the strength of a fine piano that I owed to myself to play a second time to fully satisfy me. 'We could all use some magic', he states on this album's fourth offering, and the accompanying delightful music I did indeed find to be magical, in a very peaceful kind of way. There's more magic being weaved during his dreamy tribute to the woman named "Judy", his advice to her of staying just the way she is against the slow, orchestral overtures in the background seemingly whisking off the listener to a special faraway place. The follow-up to that one too is a musical paradise: "Yes I Wanna Be Right Now". I loved the instant the soothing organ, the chilled groove and the somber melody entered my ears, and there was something raspy and gravelly in his voice on this one that makes his delivery of the lyrics—'yes, I wanna be right here, right now, right by your side'—more dramatic and intimate. While he hopes to take only one day to discover happiness on "99 Days", it took me less than a day (well, a few seconds, in fact) to embrace the song itself; it really brightened my spirits. If there was a true blue moment on this 'Safari', then it would be the bittersweet "Listen To The Rain". Once again, I encountered another 'rain' song that I predicted would be a marvelous listen. There's nothing but an elegant piano and backing orchestral movements backing up his straining, soulful voice, giving the song a very epic theatrical texture as he sings about his longing for a special lady who reminds him of the pouring rain. Then it was that wonderful acoustic guitar once more generating a genuinely graceful atmosphere on the touching "All My Dreams", where he confesses that he can't stop his heart from loving the one whom he has a heart for. I determined that it was these cozier selections on this 'Safari' that I admired the most; it's something I'll look for in my future excursions with the Belgian singer:

1. Love Bus
2. Blue
3. One Last Call
4. Magic
5. Judy
6. Yes I Wanna Be Right Now
7. Little Boy Blue
8. 99 Days
9. Crystal Wall
10. Listen To The Rain
11. Better World
12. All My Dreams

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