Friday, September 23, 2016

Kristine W-The Power Of Music (2009)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 23, 2016

The power of music indeed—long and lasting power! I have somehow found myself on an extended, unprecedented Kristine W kick for the better part of the last couple of months, which started with her Year 2000 album, "Stronger", continued with repeated replays of 2003's "Fly Again", and is currently ongoing with this super-addicting 2009 effort that I cannot seem to get out of my system for the life of me! Every one of the songs that this delicious diva performs here is a delectable treat, but it's the exact same batch of four highly-tantalizing dance jams that I keep going back to for second helpings, third helpings, fourth helpings, fifth get the idea! My endless music feast started with Kristine's mega-thriller of a cover of the Diana Ross disco classic, "The Boss". Seems that just about all of the hits by the legendary lead singer of THE SUPREMES has been remixed or remade into a revitalizing modern-day dance format, and none of them have disappointed, especially not this powerful Kristine W version of "The Boss", which will indeed take total control of your music senses when her big and bold words of 'but love taught me who was, who was, who was the boss' from the familiar chorus explode into your ears! Then following that big bad boss of a bombastic jam is one that all dance music lovers will crave: "Love Is The Look"; it currently stands as my #3 favorite on this album, largely due to its energetic house rhythm and Kristine's sultry, exotic vocals leading the way and delivering the highly fashionable lyrics to this highly fashionable song! If you like dance songs that simply make you happy, you'll find instant adoration for the warming, breezy offering that is Track #15's simply-titled "Happiness". I recall during my first go-round, I had liked this one, but it didn't quite captivate me as much as "Love Is The Look", "The Boss" and some of the other dance jams previously heard. It had to have been my third or fourth time through this album, during some evening joyride in my car (where I had the entire playlist of "The Power Of Music" blasting through my stereo speakers), where "Happiness" finally got my undivided attention and completely absorbed into my music senses. Besides the thumping beat and the breeziness of the melody, which in itself has some long-lasting addiction power, there's just something so completely satisfying and uplifting about the way Kristine's exotic voice coats the words of 'you are my happiness', which is the one line that has eternally stuck inside of my mental jukebox for the past week! But as happy as "Happiness" makes me, it's got absolutely nothing on this album's funky final track, "Meet Again", which makes me even happier—in more ways than just one! Ironically, "Meet Again" has the slowest tempo of this four-pack batch of favorites, but it's the exquisite, uneven dance/pop beat, which features a distinctively hard, pounding keyboard accompaniment mixed in with her background voicing of 'ooh, ooh, ooh' in perfect step with that beat, that puts the spice on this particularly sweet sensation! The excellent production surely makes me happy the most, but the song's overall theme of her someday getting another chance to be with the man she once loved adds a delightful touch of hope and joyful expectation that contributes to that happiness. "Meet Again" (I totally and utterly CANNOT stop playing this one song!) currently stands as my #1 favorite with "Happiness" as a close #2, but it's quite possible that I'll have to rearrange the rankings in the future, considering I plan to keep "The Power Of Music" spinning and other exhilarating jams like the super disco-groovy "Never" (that one just might be my #5 favorite), potentially exercising their complete control over me as well:

1. Be Alright
2. The Power Of Music
3. Into U
4. Never
5. Not So Merry Go Round
6. Fade
7. Walk Away
8. Feel What You Want
9. The Boss
10. Love is The Look
11. Window To Your World
12. Strings
13. Do You Really Want Me?
14. The Groove's Inside
15. Happiness
16. Meet Again

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