Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paul Lekakis-All Around The World (2016)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 28, 2016

Howsabout a little more Paul Lekakis boom-boom? I was surprised to learn some time ago that the same HI-NRG dance artist who brought us that unforgettable "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)" went onto seek even higher energy when he returned to the dance music scene in this second decade of the New Millennium with a trio of brand new singles, his latest one being the spectacular club anthem, "All Around The World". Paul Lekakis still performing in 2016? Wow! That's sure proof that music never escapes from these accomplished artists of the 80's and 90's. And still sounding like the Paul Lekakis of old, although with the glitzy trance production heard on the very first mix of this single, his voice gets that cool, digitally-enhanced effect often heard in dance songs of this electronic age as she proclaims ' I've been all around the world just to be with you ' as the carrier lyrics to the main chorus and the whole song. Fans desiring that extra bang for their buck will surely love the pair of 7+ minute 'Mister Anderson' mixes following the opener and the 6+ minute 'D-Mention Remix' while those favoring a groovy, pounding bass line will get attached to the 'Parralox Radio Mix'. But even with the wide selection of mixes available, I myself say that the very first non-mixed track is more than enough Paul Lekakis boom-boom to keep me satisfied:

1. All Around The World
2. All Around The World (Mister Anderson 12" Mix)
3. All Around The World (Mister Anderson Dub)
4. All Around The World (Mister Anderson Radio)
5. All Around The World (Mister Anderson Mixshow)
6. All Around The World (Peter Monk Mix)
7. All Around The World (Peter Monk Radio Remix)
8. All Around The World (Peter Monk Instrumental)
9. All Around The World (D-Mention Remix)
10. All Around The World (Parralox Remix)
11. All Around The World (Parralox Radio Remix)

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Paul Reynolds said...

YAY :) Thank you for this and the album :)