Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paul Lekakis-Tattoo It (1990)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 28, 2016

Seeing as I've had all things dance music practically tattooed to the ears for the past week or so, it only seemed fitting that I would treat myself to a good long-awaited re-listening of "Tattoo It", the first and only known full-length studio album by the iconic HI-NRG dance artist Paul Lekakis One mention or thought about him, and the very first songs to come to just about everyone's mind is the unforgettable and THE catchiest all-time Italo-disco favorite "Boom Boom (Let's Go back To My Room)", which I may as well say is Paul's definitive #1 hit altogether. I'll always remember this one for his provocative speech given at the beginning where he states, ' let's go back to my place for a little boom boom '. And then there's that super-addicting chorus of 'boom-boom-boom let's go back to my room, where we can do it all night' know the rest. But Paul's definitive #1 isn't necessary my #1; I actually adore his marvelous club remake of the memorable Jermaine Stewart hit, "My House", more, as I get this extra, refreshing spark from the change in tonality and pitch in the revamped production. 'Come on over to my house to love you': these are the kinds of simple lyrics that I miss out of these old-school jams from the 80's and early 90's. My favorite line, however, is the '7-3-4-5-3-0-9, you can call me up, call me anytime' (is that number even still in service? And what was the area code?), and I also love the second pass of the main chorus when Paul's voice is joined together in unison with the background voice, plus that snazzy keyboard instrumental shown off midway through. "My House" has been an all-time favorite of mine since forever, and to reinforce that notion, I've included a few bonus mixes for your extended listening pleasure. A third goodie I remember well from this album: the title track itself found at the very beginning. 'Tattoo it on me, I want more, more, more'—tattoo he lady's love, that is, and those words speak another fun line of lyrics from another super-catchy main chorus whose delightfully thumping dance beat will indeed cause this song to leave a permanent tattoo on you as well! "You Know You Want It": had to hear this one again, as I didn't exactly recall it. Otherwise, I would've known that Paul delivered a breathless provocative speech at beginning of this one too just as he does at the start of "Boom Boom". Though it was when I got to the chorus and heard the repetitive 'you know you want it, you know you want it' when memory of this song resurfaced, including more of the 'boom boom' he voices literally on one part. Had forgotten how "I Will Be There" had flowed as well, but the fond memories of the twinkly, tender vibe of this romantically sweet, upbeat jam resurfaced shortly into the first couple of movements as well. Now I love it all over again, particularly the bubbly 'uh-uh-uh-oh-oh-oh' chimed by lady on backup during chorus. "One Step Closer": Lots of familiarity about this one—from the very noticeable HI-NRG PWL-style production (I wouldn't be surprised if it actually was PWL-produced!) to the sunny, feel-good love lyrics that scream Kim Wilde or Kylie Minogue or some other similar artist. Possibly PWL-produced as well is "You Blow Me Away". Whether it is or not, it too is a sunny love tribute (that had already been indicated by the twinkly chords of the music and the subtle accompaniment of a happy trumpet) whose easy-to-get-into chorus of 'you blow me away, night after night, day after day' is indeed quite heart-warming. And then there's the one simply called "Lips", which I hadn't recalled either until I recognized how mightily Paul's voice soars to the high heavens during his delivering of 'lips like yours should kiss nobody else' against the energetic Italo-disco rhythm. So yeah, why don't we go back to that room to relive some of that Paul Kekais boom-boom?

1. Tattoo It On Me
2. My House
3. You Know You Want It
4. I Will Be There
5. One Step Closer
6. Lips
7. So I Heard
8. You Blow Me Away
9. Are You Man Enough?
10. Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

11. My House [Shep's House]
12. My House [New York Style Mix]
13. My House [Her House Mix]
14. My House [My Acid House Mix]

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