Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Richard Grieco-Waiting For The Sky To Fall (1995)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 7, 2016

No more 'waiting' is necessary; heaven has just fallen right into your hands! That's because it'll feel like you're in a heavenly place listening to the tunes here on the first and only solo album released by former "21 Jump Street" star, Richard Grieco. Once again, I'd received the recommendation to check something out by an actor whom I had no idea had became a singer later in his or her career. And once again, I have nothing but rave reviews, immediately becoming captivated by Grieco's distinctively gritty voice that I place somewhere between the vocals of Corey Hart, Richard Marx and Bryan Adams (just three of my favorite solo male rockers from the 80's, no less); I surely would've loved listening to this guy back in the late 80's and 90's! While I fought to restrain myself from digging too deep into more of my memorable 80's television nostalgia with conjured-up flashbacks of the "21 Jump Street" series (which I miss just as much as all of my favorite sitcoms and dramas from the same decade), there was no fight in me at all in liking the opener, "Stay Young Stay Free", and everything that I would hear thereafter. It was after Grieco's strong performance of the title track in particular where my receptive music senses really opened up and I found myself on quite the heavenly joyride. The biggest highlights for me on this journey include the guitar acoustics an day-dreamy air of the intimately warming piece "I Believe In You"; the grief-stricken piece, "If Love Was On Your Mind" (always the sucker for these sad, emotional ones, and I noted here especially his striking vocal similarities to the solo male rocker trio I mentioned a few sentences ago); the soft rock radio perfect and romantically perfect "Anything For You" (I love the way this one starts of nice an gentle before blossoming into a powerful performance with the soaring vocals at the end!); and the beautiful and epic piano number that concludes the ride: "The Innocence Of A Child". Yet there is something that sparks me about the other selections as well, whether it was the spiritually-cleansing words of "Please Let It Rain", the intense, harder-rockin' vibe of "Voice With No Name" (I like his delivery of the words about a frustrated man demanding to be accepted for who and what he is), the equally-intense power rockin' energy of "Crying In The Street" or the charming gracefulness of "Lay Your Body Down", where his sincere words of ' just one look at you and everything's alright ' and other thoughtful tributes bring heaven down from the sky indeed:

1. Stay Young Stay Free
2. Waiting For The Sky To Fall
3. I Believe In You
4. Please Let It Rain
5. Voice With No Name
6. Johnny Come Lately
7. If Love Was On Your Mind
8. Borrowed Time
9. Anything For You
10. Crying In The Street
11. Lay Your Body Down
12. The Innocence Of A Child

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