Thursday, September 29, 2016

SOUL BROS.-Tonight (2012)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 29, 2016

Now howsabout a little more SOUL BROS. boom-boom? Those of you following my recent dance music-listening habits since last December will know that ever since I got acquainted with this dynamite duo—whom I continue to suspect hails from somewhere in Germany—I've gotten all caught up in everything they've released, whether it be their proper albums or standalone singles. The latter becomes the case once again as I've just treated my ears to this duo's dazzling nine-track remix package of their 2012 effort called "Tonight". The boom-boom explosion kicks off in a rather unexpected way, perhaps, as the opening 'A Class Radio Mix' is more of a festive funk party. But when the gears suddenly shift into maximum overdrive on the follow-up 'Crew 7 Radio' mix, this "Tonight" becomes THE ultimate club anthem, the techno glitz providing tons of high-octane energy that enhances the soulful brothers' MC shoutouts and their proclamation of 'tonight, I'm gonna be loving you, kissing you, I'm gonna love you tonight' in the bombastic main chorus! Both of the 'Crew 7' mixes, I thought, deserved the #1 and #2 slots on this single, but they get some stiff competition from the super-charged thrills that are the 'Brisby & Jingle' mixes and the simple 'Dance Mix' (love the hard, thumping bass line on this one!) presented halfway through. Yet my top picks are the pair of 'Eric Tyrell & Ivan Perea' mixes, whose distinctive dub beat arrangement and the swirly 'air pressure' effects in production provide for a more exotic listening experience than all of the rest. Good thing that the 'Eric Tyrell & Ivan Perea Remix' lasts for a whopping seven minutes long, because you get the most bang for your buck while the other eight mixes will feel like too much of a tease:

1. Tonight (A Class Radio Edit)
2. Tonight (Crew 7 Radio)
3. Tonight (Brisby & Jingles Edit)
4. Tonight (Eric Tyrell & Ivan Perea Edit)
5. Tonight (Dance Mix)
6. Tonight (Eric Tyrell & Ivan Perea Remix)
7. Tonight (A Class Extended)
8. Tonight (Crew & Remix)
9. Tonight (Brisby & Jingles Remix)

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