Sunday, September 18, 2016

SPICE GIRLS-SpiceWorld (1997)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 18, 2016

I felt like spicing up my Sunday night to reward myself for a successful day working in the outdoors—figuratively and literally. And for that, I acquainted myself with the hugely successful British girl group, THE SPICE GIRLS, and the second of their albums that I somehow never managed to listen to in its full entirety (yeah, I got a long list of albums to put in that category). Only a couple of songs, as it turned out, had any kind of real familiarity. "Move Over": This was the group's other definitive mega-hit in companion to "Wannabee" and the one I vividly recalled from those Pepsi commercials on TV. 'Next phase, next stage, next grade, next wave, generation next......'—oh, the nostalgia! Then there's the one right afterwards on this "SpiceWorld" album: "Do It". The familiarity came rushing back to me once the girls started chanting 'come on and do it' to the rhythm of the beat. I particularly found a new liking for how their sweet, sugary voices sing low then high and mighty in the verses before their collectively smooth harmonizing in the following movement. ' It's time to free what's in your soul.freak out, lose control '—sounds like a 90's SPICE GIRLS anthem to me! Thinking more about anthems and such, the festive opener, "Spice Up Your Life", serves as a great way to kick off the pop party. Takes a patient and receptive ear to take in all of the extra electronic noise and hoopla encircling the subtle Latin rhythm and their cheerful words of motivation. If the girls had been tagged as Eurodisco group, then "Never Give Up On The Good Times" surely would've been a trademark dance anthem for them! Either way, it's a terrific thrill designed to spin your wheels and create plenty of disco floor spills as the girls take you out for a fun-filled night into their spiced-up world! Kinda surprised that "Saturday Night Divas" wasn't the full-out dance thriller that I'd expected it to be. Instead, there's a semi-upbeat r&b swing and sensual groove that carries this one along, but it's a lovely accompaniment to their chilled, soothing delivery of their words of wanting to get down and get down deeper. Here's one that soothes in all the right places" "Viva Forever". Definitely the sweetest listen within this "SpiceWorld", as a calming Latin guitar melody and breezy ambiance paint the perfectly dreamy romantic backdrop for a song that speaks about living the ultimate love fantasy for all eternity. But this one's sweet, too—in more ways than one: "Too Much". Even though the song deals with the negative side of love and becomes emotionally taxing once the lyrics hit home, the bluesy swing and sway and the elegant, jazzy touch (particularly that trumpet solo at the midway break) make the music and the song altogehter totally worth the time! Then it was just the SPICE GIRLS simply being so much fun and so full of spice on the spunky-funky jam,"Denying" (that bold and brash delivery of ' you ain't foolin' nobody but yourself ' is sure to hook you!), plus the 60's pop girl group-tinged "Stop" (I noted the delivery of the very first verse even reminds me to the way Diana Ross and THE SUPREMES performed the memorable chorus to their timeless classic, "Stop! In The Name Of Love"; I love when artists do this kind of thing!) and the totally unexpected made-for-Broadway piece, "The Lady Is A Vamp", which offers a ton of entertainment value between the various shifts in tempo between the slow bluesy rhythm and the skippy jazz rhythm to their colorful lyrics, highlighted by the laughing and the girls' cheeky Elvis-impersonated 'thank you very much' when the song finally to a close. So why not add some spice to your life tonight and get re-seasoned with this sizzling SPICE GIRLS sound?

1. Spice Up Your Life
2. Stop
3. Too Much
4. Saturday Night Divas
5. Never Give Up On The Good Times
6. Move Over
7. Do It
8. Denying
9. Viva Forever
10. The Lady Is A Vamp

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