Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tatjana-New Look (1997)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 25, 2016

It's a new look indeed! Even though I continue to hear the exotic voice of Miss Kristine W filling my heart with gladness with repeated replays of "Happiness" and "Meet Again", I wanted to turn my attention elsewhere in the dance genre, getting my first fill-up on a Dutch singer who calls herself Tatjana. This lady just looked like she was gonna be a real sweet listen—judging from the cover artwork pictured above, anyway—before I even played the first track; lo and behold, she turned out to be exactly that, the delicious dance diva in her delighting me the instant I got formally introduced with my latest new addiction that is "Calendar Girl". ' Can't you see, it's only you and me, I'll be there for you ': the lyrics about staying with her lover every month of the year may be senselessly bubblegummy, but her distinctively sugary vocals and the thumping bass of the ethnic rhythm make this song is oh so yummy! Couldn't help but to skip down to the 'Disco Mix' located at the end of this album, which I give a slight edge of favoritism to due to its faster tempo and sparkly electronic groove. Both are awesome jams, and both have already made themselves home on my 'Energy Mix' playlist! Did some more skipping around right after that when my eyes scanned a familiar song title: "Let's Go Round Again". Absolutely had to hear this lady's dance remake of the AVERAGE WHITE BAND classic that's been molded and transformed into so many excellent Eurodance jams by so many artists over the years (the versions by the pop group YELL! and by Louise Redknapp of the British girl group ETERNAL come to mind)! This Tatjana remake is simply super-ultra disco-groovy! That enough adjectives for ya? Of course, I'll be going plenty of rounds with this one in the coming hours and days (and even weeks, I suspect), if not just to immerse myself in the dance groove and the familiar words of ' let's go round again one more time '. That's why this too has ended up on my 'Energy Mix' playlist! "Santa Maria": satisfaction guaranteed! The only dance jam on the album where a guest male MC pumps you up with his slick way with words in the classic 90's Eurodance style is the simplest of songs where Tatjana's repetitive delivery of the song title against the warming melody and the super high-energy rhythm make for a collectively catchy combination. And you guessed it—went straight down to the 'Wah-Hey Mix' right afterwards for even more mind-melting music marvelousness! After that, it's the Dutch dance diva celebrating love on a series of happy feel-gooders: "Your Love Is Magic", "The First Time" (a guilty pleasure about never having been in love before), "Searching For You" (I like the way her voice soars up whenever she sings 'searching for you'—so lofty and angelic) and the bouncy reggae-flavored "Sweet Sweet Smile", which is her extending that calendar presented on the opening track as she looks forward to seeing the sunshine on her lover's face every day of her life. If there is even an ounce of negativity here, it's heard on the pair of cuts called "Nothing To Me" (that wild, angst-driven scream made at the end of every pass of the main chorus pretty much says what's on her mind on this one) and "Ain't Gonna Cry", where she promises to kiss his love goodbye. But that negativity is shot-lived and almost forgotten altogether when you listen to the song of bold love determination that is "Boy I Know", the dreamy, twinkly offering 'Loving On My Mind" (this one's got a throwback disco feel; I wonder if this is another cover of a song I may've forgotten all about?) and the glittery glitz of a jam that is "Show Me" (had predicted it might've been a remake of THE COVER GIRLS' Freestyle classic from the 80's, but turns out to be a totally different lyrical arrangement, even though the message of wanting her man to prove his love to her remaining virtually the same). Looking for something seriously sweet to jam to? Look no further than this tantalizing Tatjana treat that'll make you feel all brand new:

1. Calendar Girl (Brazil Version)
2. Santa Maria
3. Your Love Is Magic
4. The First Time
5. Searching For You
6. Sweet Sweet Smile
7. Let's Go Round Again
8. Nothing To Me
9. Boy I Know
10. Loving On My Mind
11. Ain't Gonna Cry
12. Show Me
13. Santa Maria (Wah-Hey Mix)
14. Calendar Girl (Disco Version)

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