Monday, September 12, 2016

TWO IN ONE-Glamorous Life (2000)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 12, 2016

I'm two for two! Having had gone a bit without indulging in some of that sweet bubblegum Eurodance that I adore so much up until earlier today, I was in the mood for a little more sugar to satisfy sudden my sweet craving by the time evening approached. So I went out on a second joyride with this Austrian TWO IN ONE duo and their final studio release, "Glamorous Life". Those of you closest in my music circles already know what I was thinking before I even started listening and what I'm about to say now: I immediately thought about the Sheila E. hit from the 80's by the same title! Quite naturally, I had to satisfy my curiosity and jump straight to the title track, expecting to hear a modern-day cover Eurodance style with the familiar ' she wants to lead the glamorous life, she don't need a man's touch ' lyrics of the chorus. But not this time! Instead, she sings about a man who makes her so sad and drives her mad, thinking that she's living the perfect life when, in fact, she's not living at all. Despite the surprisingly negative lyrics and the whole melancholy sound, the song quickly stuck to me, thanks largely to the simple electronic Euro-house beat and the beautiful melody accompanying her lofty delivery of the emotional words. That became my #2 favorite by the time I got to the concluding piece, "Like A Child", which is just as lovely of a chilled slow tune as "Gentle Love" was at the end of the Austrian duo's previous album. Loved this one instantly the moment the beautiful twinkly melody of the soft keyboards filled my ears! And the music flows so very nicely, the lush lyrics comparing the innocence of falling in love to that of an innocent child. Before, after and in-between this pair of personal faves, however, all romantic seriousness is cast aside for TWO IN ONE's bubbly Eurodance bubblegum party! I saw that they had finally created a song for their own namesake with the opening disco-groovy sing-along anthem. ' We are friends, we're two in one '—it becomes addicting every time she repeats it! But the addiction is even worse on "Mama Africa", which I predicted would have some kind of ethnic or tribal vibe about it. Listening closely, I noted how it's nearly a remake of the "Hamma Heyah Ho" song from "Around The World", as that 'heyah ha he ho' line repeated in chorus reveals. There always seems to be a festive island-sounding song on every Eurodance compilation, doesn't it? Here in this "Glamorous Life", we have "Habanera" that takes the listener to the sunny beach paradise this time. A Eurodance remake of the English nursery rhyme, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" on the fourth track? It may as well be, with the simple sing-along chorus, the bouncy beat and the guys chanting ''row!' in the background throughout. Wanting to be told if she will fall in love is her mission on the merrily sung "Cast A Horoscope" while she strives to find her way back to love on "I Will Try" and is determined to remain the same sweet someone until eternity on "It Is Me"; all three of these songs have high addiction potential because of their bouncy beats! There's one other break from the Eurodance floor-filler that I had enjoyed before the concluding track: "Lonely Heart". It's a delightful story put to a delightful mid-tempo beat.....and those words pretty much tell the whole story of this entire album:

1. Two In One
2. Mama Africa
3. Habanera
4. Row The Boat
5. Cast A Horoscope
6. Lonely Heart
7. Glamorous Life
8. Bye Bye Rain
9. I Will Try
10. It Is Me
11. Don't Mess It Up
12. Like A Child

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