Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Crystal Waters-Crystal Waters (1997)


I'm plunging back into the deep end of familiar 'waters' tonight with something else that's become a long-lasting music addiction! It's almost hard to believe that the soulful house singer famous for making "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)" a household house jam back in the early 90's is still relatively new to my music-listening lineup, but over the past several months, she's gone from being a bench player in my music backburner to becoming an all-star slugger, considering all of the songs by her that I've favorited and that have suddenly filled up my 'Energy Mix' playlist! Well I got even more favorites to boost her MVP ranking, and they're all found right here on Crystal's self-titled and final studio album. Funk is the flavor and jazz is the pizzazz that put a tasty zing on the easy-to-love "Easy" and the perfect pleasure that is "Passion", the latter which I especially adore because of its super-catchy chorus highlighted by Crystal's usually distinctive nasal vocals delivering the lyrics. "Body Music"—the title is exactly what its purpose is: music to get the body movin'! The bombastic rhythm, backing up Crystal's back-and-forth echoing of the lyrics in the chorus, gets me energized each and every time! "Spin Around": Well I can say that my #2 favorite on this album gets me spinning around like a record, baby! And yes, I purposely had to throw in that reference to the lyrics of that DEAD OR ALIVE hit, which Crystal's mesmerizing remake of that memorable 80's jam actually reminds me of. My #1 favorite? That award goes to ="Say...If You Feel Alright", because the lovely old-school groove and the chords, which reminds me of another memorable hit—EARTH, WIND & FIRE'S "September"—feels like a throwback to those old Friday night parties. With my ranked favorites pretty much firmly planted in place, it's kinda hard to squeeze in the mega disco-groovy "Uptown Dance" (I absolutely love Crystal's lofty, angelic voice when she sings 'uptown' and 'get down' in the main chorus!), "On My Mind" (the thumping beats and the soulful backing choir totally bring down the house!) and the chilled, playfully romantic number, "Female Intuition". But when it comes to pleasing my ears with great dance music, there is always room for one more.....

1. Momma Told Me
2. The Love I Found
3. On My Mind
4. Uptown Dance
5. Say...If You Feel Alright
6. Easy
7. Female Intuition
8. Let Go My Love
9. Just A Freak
10. Body Music
11. Spin Me
12. Passion

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