Tuesday, October 4, 2016

FILO & PERI Feat. Fisher-Closer Now (2005)


Got quite a long ways to go yet, but tonight, I am inching ever so closer to fulfilling all of my personal music wishes while progressing further in expanding my trance music collection. Now in my possession is the complete seven-track 2005 single "Closer Now", featuring the seductive, sexy vocals of a Kathleen Fisher delivering the suggestive line in the alluring chorus that goes 'a little closer now is where you need to be' and the awesome production work of the trance duo that calls itself FILO & PERI. It was something I had on a very old music mix.....and now it is something that will be getting added to a couple of my newer playlists of favorites: the 'Energy Mix', which will contain the opening 'Original Mix' (and, perhaps, the even cooler 'Mike Shiver's Catching The Sun Mix', with its pounding techno beat, or the 'Mike Foyle Remix', which I favor because of the long, extended instrumental opening before Kathleen's vocals even pop into the picture), and the 'Ambient Chill-Out Mix', which will contain, of course, the slower-tempo 'Chillout Mix' found at the very end of this single. Though whichever mix you listen to here, you'll find yourself in maximum chill-out mode in no time flat! Possibly only thing missing to round everything all out is a nice non-vocal instrumental of each of these seven mixes (the chords are quite dreamy and lovely, if you ask me!), but that opening movement to the 'Mike Foyle Remix'—and the extended opening movement to the 'Tomas Haverlik Remix' as well—is about as close as I'm gonna get:

1. Closer Now (Original Mix)
2. Closer Now (Mike Shiver's Catching The Sun Mix)
3. Closer Now (Mike Foyle Remix)
4. Closer Now (Tomas Haverlik Remix)
5. Closer Now (Whiteroom Remix)
6. Closer Now (Amurai Remix)
7. Closer Now (Chillout Mix)

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