Thursday, October 6, 2016

FILO & PERI With Eric Lumiere-Soul And The Sun (2009)


While I remain on my quest in fulfilling all of my personal music wishes for my trance music collection, I remain on the additional mission to continue my explorations with music I haven't yet heard. For instance, there's the entire lifetime discography of this FILO & PERI duo. Shortly after filling my ears up on their beautiful collaboration with Kathleen Fisher on "Closer Now", I felt like treating my ears to another one of their productions. Reminding myself that I have a particular interest in hearing more male singers in the trance genre—which I find is still a very rare thing—I opted for the duo's 2009 single, "Soul And The Sun", which features the luciously lofty vocals of a Eric Lumiere. Quite haunting are the lyrics that he delivers once he's heard during the chilled ambient beat break following the thunderous progressive trance rhythm that kept my ears company for the first minute or so of the opening 'Original Mix'. 'It's up to you where you go ', ' in the end, there's no wrong or right ', 'caught in the fire of a burning flame, do you wanna let go?, do you wanna go high?', 'there's a battle going on ', 'everyone gets hurt'..... I got the sense that the lyrics were speaking of someone on a lonely spiritual journey within himself.....and that sense was reinforced further on the 'Properly Chilled Mix', where the cold accent of the keyboard tones against the dreamy ambiance caused me to conjure up images of someone trapped in a dark, frozen cave and trying to make their way along a dismal path until the light at the end of the tunnel is reached. The words from this song that touched me the most: 'the time has come to walk with the soul and the sun'. The 'Original Mix', plus the follow-up 'Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix' and the just-mentioned 'Properly Chilled Mix' are my top picks here, but for those who prefer the minimal vocals and an overall true trance experience, the 'Jerome Isma-Ae' mixes provide plenty of electronic dub groove just for you:

1. Soul And The Sun (Original)
2. Soul And The Sun (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
3. Soul And The Sun (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
4. Soul And The Sun (Properly Chilled Mix)
5. Soul And The Sun (Giuseppe Ottaviani Radio Mix)
6. Soul And The Sun (Jerome Isma-Ae Radio Mix)

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