Monday, October 17, 2016

Jean Élan & William Naraine-I Don’t Care [EP] (2012)


More evidence that the dance music bug hasn't totally left my system just yet! Forever looking to add to my all-things William Naraine collection, I happily accepted my fulfilled wish that was DOUBLE YOU's lead vocalist collaborating with the German DJ Jean Élan on the 2012 single "I Don't Care". It's a typically trancey club jam with a warming melody, but a negative edge hidden beneath the trancey goodness, as Naraine seems to be unleashing some angst towards a lover with his words of 'you think you got it all, that you're magnificent, you thought you had it made, but you're ridiculous', and not caring one bit about any of it. After the tease of a 'Radio Mix', you get more music bang for your buck with the 7+ minute 'Original Mix', the 'Progressive Berlin Remix' (my personal favorite, thanks to the extended instrumental movements featured at the beginning and midway through with the swirling airy ambiance and the building energy before the pulsating electronic buzz in the main hook) and the pair of mixes following the 'Progressive Berlin Edit'. With all of these standalone trance singles that Naraine has released in the years following his time with DOUBLE YOU, I'm curious why none of these have yet to generate a string of full-length trance albums released to his credit.....

1. I Don't Care (Radio Mix)
2. I Don't Care (Original Mix)
3. I Don't Care (Progressive Berlin Remix)
4. I Don't Care (Progressive Berlin Edit)
5. I Don't Care (John van Doe Remix)
6. I Don't Care (Wazabi Remix)

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