Thursday, October 13, 2016

Krystal Harris-Me & My Piano (2001)


From the sparkling soul of Miss Crystal Waters to the alluring spirit of a Miss Krystal Harris—my latest jewel of an album being served up on a silver platter is "Me & My Piano", the brilliant debut album by this multi-talented former teen sweet sensation! It's always something special when someone barely into adulthood is capable of the caliber of stunning musical maturity that is expressed on each of the twelve individual performances. If it sounds like you've heard the opening track, "Supergirl!", somewhere, someplace and sometime before, chances are, it was when you watched the 2001 Disney film, "The Princess Diaries", or when you tuned in to the accompanying soundtrack. Yet "Supergirl!" wields more magic than any dazzling Disney princess ever could! It's an excellent anthem where Krystal's amazingly powerful voice delivering the catchy chorus of ' I'm supergirl, and I'm here to save the word, and I wanna know who's gonna save me ' and the stylish swagger of the sharp, piano beat mixed in with the hip, record-scratching riffs instantly appeal, awakening every one of your music senses and making you think, 'Wow—this girl truly is super!'. But that's just one thing that's super about Krystal; not only can she blow you away with a mighty meaningful message—as she duplicates further when she's all in charge on the warming piece, "When You Heart", "Lead Me" (I promise you'll be blown away as soon as she rises above the thunderous orchestral accompaniment in the introductory movement!) and the tune of eternal togetherness that is "Let Me Be Your Friend" (the collective soul of the backing church choir supplies an extra-super dimension to the music here!)—but she can equally charm you and heal you with her delightfully fluttery, angelic voice, which this pop princess shows off on such beautiful tribute pieces as "You're The Reason", the concluding acoustic piano title track and especially, "Angel On My Shoulder" (yet another heavenly 'angel' song to add on the catalog!). Besides that versatile instrument of hers that stuns and charms and can soar above the rafters and meet you back down on earth, something else special to acknowledge and to appreciate is just the songwriting altogether; I cite her healing words on "My Religion" (her confessions that her beliefs won't ever lead her to hate nor judge nor condemn), on the romantic celebration that is "Love Is A Beautiful Thing" and the message of imperfect love on "½ My Heart" to be the three most profound poetic masterpieces.

1. Supergirl!
2. My Religion
3. Angel On My Shoulder
4. You're The Reason
5. Love is A Beautiful Thing
6. ...Or Someone Else Will
7. When You Hurt
8. ½ My Heart
9. Goodbye
10. Lead Me
11. Let Me Be Your Friend
12. Me & My Piano

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