Thursday, October 20, 2016

Levi John-Generations (1999)


Here's a beautiful album that persons of all generations can embrace! Even with the gazillions of unlistened to material still awaiting the undivided attention of my receptive ears, I took some time to break away from my personal music lineup to listen in on something that one of my blog readers wanted to hear. I can thank my natural music curiosities for getting me acquainted with the delightfully aching, soul crooner's voice that belongs to a Levi John, a man whom I'd never heard of before until today. 'Mr. Silky Voice', as this well-traveled, multi-talented artist has been publicly nicknamed according to his website at, and he proves just how silky he can be when the romantic side of him expresses his feelings in song on such elegant, sweetly jazzed-up selections as "Beyond The Sunset", "Take This Heart" (this one found a special hold on me, given that it has that perfectly late-80's, starry soft rock radio glow about it), "You Are My Star" and "I'll Never Let You Go", where his earnest words of wanting to hang on to his special lady now that he's found her are just as comforting and soothing as the smooth groove and the beautiful melody in which those very words are blanketed in. One of Levi's more exotic offerings is served up on "Forbidden Dreams"; I myself was captivated right away with the suspenseful ambiance, then again later as the song grows and blooms to life with the added unified voices supporting him the rest of the way. But it was well before any of those gems dazzled me and all the way back on the opening track where I had already found the one song that made my journey with 'Mr. Silky Voice' complete: "People Helping People". It's like the ultimate meaningful song to unite the whole world, a simple and positive message decorated and celebrated with a very lively, ethnic rhythm that makes you wanna dance and just fills you up with happiness! Then as much of a glorified musical paradise that one is, there would be an actual song entitled "Paradise" that maintains that upbeat, positive state of mind I'd already loved the musical arrangement, which starts off with the light plucking of the guitar and the breezy melody while 'Mr. Silky Voice' delivers his speech describing the favorable weather conditions that make up his idyllic locale . Though this paradise becomes a full-fledged ethnic music party before long; the sudden jumps in tempo and the addition of the background singers add some fun to the already-festive affair! Then serving as a perfect bookend for this sunny album that began with a sunny song for the world to embrace is the song of encouragement and advice that is the title track itself. ' It's what you give, not what you take, that keeps the world as one ', as the lyrics to the main chorus go, and that qualifies as an excellent candidate for someone's motivational 'Quote Of The Day':

1. People Helping People
2. Beyond The Sunset
3. Take This Heart
4. You Are My Star
5. Want You To Be The One
6. Paradise
7. Forbidden Dreams
8. I'll Never Let You Go
9. Take A Chance
10. Generations

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