Friday, October 14, 2016

Lydia Canaan-The Sound Of Love (2000)


I've suddenly found myself on a streak of sultry, soulful songstresses and delightful dance divas, extending that streak of eye-opening excellence further with the very versatile voice of Lydia Canaan, a Lebanese singer who had recently sparked some interest when her collection of recordings entitled "The Sound Of Love" was brought to my attention. Well I can say now that I'm glad to have given this once-unknown-to-me Ms. Canaan some undivided attention tonight, because I have fallen in love with "The Sound Of Love"! Adoration for this lady came the moment my ears were filled with the sensual groove, the beautiful ambiance and her vocal soothingness—which immediately brought to mind the British phenom Lisa Stansfield—on the opening tune that she's well-known for: "Beautiful Life". Easily a candidate for a new track to add to my 'Ambient Mix' due to its sublime chill-out qualities. Or perhaps the 'Easy Listening Mix' playlist should be the rightful receiver. Right after that opening beautiful music journey is one of the most pleasant songs celebrating the possibilities of romance called "Right On The Verge". You get to enjoy it twice n this album—first on the 'Tommy Mandel Mix', which has a rather interesting structure, accented by its ethnic rhythm in the main chorus, then on the 'Original Mix', which turns this romantic celebration into the sunniest of dance songs! On both mixes, there's still that sexy 'ooh baby, it feels so good' that I like so much that Lydia delivers midway through, pushing the theme of being on the verge of falling in love even further. It's cool hearing her distinctively Middle Eastern inflections when she's performing "A Love That Shines" and the song of self-reassurance, reflection and pressing forward that is "Without You" while the way her chords carry and soar in the closing movements to the song about vanishing love that is "Fade Away" is another sheer highlight of vocal versatility. The dance music lover in me found two additional new favorite jams to accompany the 'Original Mix' of "Right On The Verge": the cleverly titled "The Hurt Won't Hurt No More", whose suspenseful, introductory production sets a rather deliciously unsettling mood for the whole song, and "Somewhere In The Night", whose perfectly mid-90's dance/house rhythm. and Lydia's earnest and seductive words of 'make me whole, make me feel, let me know your hands on me are real' are as real as real dance jams get! Then as for the title track that concludes this album? A nice mid-tempo pop beat with an elegant piano accompaniment do indeed sound like something to love:

1. Beautiful Life
2. Right On The Verge (Tommy Mandel Mix)
3. A Love That Shines
4. The Hurt Won't Hurt No More
5. Every Goodbye Ain't Gone
6. Without You
7. Somewhere In The Night
8. Right On The Verge (Original Mix)
9. Fade Away
10. The Sound Of Love

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