Monday, October 10, 2016

NARI & MILANI feat. Carl Fanini-Smells Like Teen Spirit [SINGLE] (2011)


I thought it would be fun to share one more personal fulfilled wish that I recently added to my trance music collection. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the popular and very memorable NIRVANA hit, "Smells Like Teen Spirit", went from being an alternative rock classic back in 1991 to a revitalized club smash five years ago when the Italian production team of Maurizio Nari & Ronni Milani invited vocalist Carl Fanini to collaborate on this New Millennium remake. With this, I would get reacquainted with the talented lead singer of the 90's Italian dance project that called itself EAST SIDE BEAT, which I'd gotten introduced to not very long ago. It's always cool to hear these old classics in a reinvented dance format—me being the ultimate fan of cover songs, as I must confess once again—and everything I found familiar about the NIRVANA original is all there—from the distinctive chords of the screaming guitar to the words of the main chorus. The first two radio edits are nice if you're in the mood for something quick, but if you want those extra beats to jam and groove to, the 7+ minute 'Original Mix' and the 5+ minute 'Ryan Riback Remix' are just for you. I say that the latter mix is the absolute best; there's a lot of cool, glitzy arrangements happening on this one that give it a unique personality much different that the previous three mixes, from the deep bass line to the digital 'missile drop' and 'missile launch' sound effects that make me think about those old 8-bit "Space Invaders" games from the early 80's:

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Full Vocal Radio Edit)
2. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Original Radio Edit)
3. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Original Mix)
4. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Ryan Riback Remix)

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