Saturday, October 29, 2016

Shirley Heim-I'm Coming (1996)


Announcing her arrival to "The Music Spectrum" is this marvelously sultry Danish singer whom I recently discovered; indeed, even with the oodles of great tunes that have been awaiting my ears for weeks (and months even!), I continue to enjoy these side treks into the uncharted depths of the music mainstream. I must confess that my ears were in fact very 'pleased' the moment I took in the opening cut, "Please Me". There's this trippy, old-school r&b rhythm that allures the senses first of all, then Shirley's made-for-r&b vocals delivering the seductive words of 'sex me, amaze me, please me' and, my favorite line of the whole song, 'bite me tenderly like a strawberry'. The r&b production, to put it simply, is right on point all up and down the album; that's why me and my ears were further 'pleased' by further upbeat jams as "Show Your Love" (now here, there's this cool electronic funk thing happening mixed in with the twinkly dreaminess that I really like!), "Good Thing" (her words of 'our bodies just melt into one' are just as appetizing as the line about her wanting to be bitten tenderly like a strawberry), "One Friday Evening" (a sunny, let's-go-out-and-party feel-gooder with the same cheerful spirit as "Good Thing"), "Thinking Back" (strong piano accompaniment, deep rhythm, the twinkly charm of distant bells&mash;the perfect musical arrangement for a song of reminiscing and reflection) and "All Through The Night", which is almost like a reprise of "Please Me" with Shirley confessing all those 'good things' that would make a romantic evening of love-making happen. Can't talk r&b without mentioning the gems that are slowed and chilled just fine. The haunting, soul-searching journey that is "Am I A Fool Now?" is just the type of dreamy songs that I adore (Shirley even poses the question of whether or not she's chasing a dream) while I enjoyed another throwback ZAPP/Roger moment with the digitally-disguised vocoder effects echoing the title lyrics behind Shirley on "Wish It Would Rain Now". Speaking of hauntings and such, the introductory music box instrumental to "I'm In Control" screams something straight out of a child-themed horror movie—either that, or the closer I get to Halloween, my imagination for spooky sights and sounds begin to seep into my head—but thankfully, the big-time funky r&b beat kills all of that imagery and instantly transforms the song into another one of the many bombastic jams that'll come at you:

1. Please Me
2. Am I A Fool Now?
3. Show Your Love
4. Good Thing
5. Wish It Would Rain Now
6. I'm In Control
7. Crazy Now
8. Come Back To Me
9. One Friday Evening
10. Only One
11. I Don't Wanna Go Back
12. Thinking Back
13. All Through The Night
14. Paradise

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