Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Victoria Wilson-James - Indestructible: The Complete VWJ (2007)


On the heels of me having recently fulfilled the wishes of a special Victoria-Wilson James fan—and, surely, the wishes of many more fans of the soulful house singer as well—I return tonight to complete the second part of that special fan's personal request with the very special double-disc compilation package entitled "Indestructible: The Complete VWJ". Thirty-one tracks complete, that is, which spans the whole gamut of her first two studio albums—"Perseverance" and "Colorfields"—plus a wide assortment of standalone singles and EP releases from the 90's and early 2000's. According to the music databases, the discs in this compilation were respectively labeled as 'Chillin' and 'Bangin'—the former comprising of all of the slower jams made for some serious chilling out with the latter consisting of all of the HI-NRG dance jams that'll surely rock the house! On the chill-out side, I continue to favor the very first one—"Through" (I won't be forgetting the humorous line in the lyrics that goes ' don't let the door hit ya where the dog bit ya ' anytime soon)—plus such ethereal and soothing jazzed-up numbers as "Swim With The Dolphins" and "No Fear". Then on the bangin' side, well, I'm sure that any and every one of the fifteen mixes of Victoria's select hits will keep on giving me a lot of loud 'bang' for my buck! The total calculated listening time to "Indestructible" is a whopping two-and-a-half hours.....that is, if you tune in uninterrupted in one sitting! I myself have not had such luxury as of yet, but perhaps having taken these jams one song at a time will have enhanced my overall listening pleasure of this album over the long run:

CD #1

1. Through (Soul II Soul Mix)
2. Woman Of Colours (Soul II Soul Mix)
3. Whatcha Gonna Do (Third Ear Mix)
4. Rest Of Your Life (Soul II Soul Mix)
5. Good Vibrations (Third Ear Mix)
6. The Journey (Brooke & Trans Mix)
7. Swim With The Dolphins (Ralph Falcon Mix)
8. No Fear (Third Ear Mix)
9. Bright Lights (Nellee Hooper / Soul II Soul Mix)
10. Music Of Life (Rontom / Professor Stretch Mix)
11. Time 2 Stop Running (Mike McEvoy / Ernie McKone Mix)
12. Movin' On (Third Ear Mix)
13. Act Like That (Loot Mix)
14. Change My Life (Loot Remix)
15. Thoughts Of You (Barry Bee Mix)
16. I'll Be Your Friend (Rontom / Professor Stretch Mix)

CD #2

1. Reality (Basement Boys Mix)
2. Transcendental Rhythm (Chad Jackson Mix)
3. The Equation (Murk Mix)
4. Find The Child (Rontom / Professor Stretch Mix)
5. Change My Life (Ocean Bloem Mix)
6. Crash Landed (DAX Mix)
7. Circles Of Love (Mr. C Mix)
8. Fly Away (Interlude Mix)
9. Share Our Lives (Bhooka & T-Bone Mix)
10. Dare To Dream (Bhooka & T-Bone Mix)
11. Reach 4 The Melody (Boris Dlugosch Clubbers Vocal Edit)
12. Spellbound (Barry B Mix)
13. Yo' Freek (Soul-Tek Bella Lugosi Mix)
14. Find The Child (Indigo Crystal Child Mix)
15. I Need Someone (Ralph Falcon Mix)

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