Friday, October 28, 2016

Will Mellor-No Matter What I Do [SINGLE] (1998)


Just as quickly as I got acquainted with the voice of this English actor is as quickly I wished this guy would have done so much more than just release two singles in his music career. "No Matter What I Do" picks up where the last song to his previous single left off—a touch of bitterness in his heart—except this time, he's determined to forget about the hole made in his heart and hold on to the one he loves, regardless of the pain inflicted upon him. His earnest words, plus the warming, fluid flow of the music, gives this song the soothing sparkle that it possesses. And once again, the producers serve the listener right by including a much-deserved instrumental version. But it's the other treat on this single that had led me to make the opening comment about Will regarding his shortened music career, and why I'm suddenly so fond of him: "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye". Loved this one immediately upon taking in the soft, mellow chords before the crisp dance/pop beat kicks in. Then being a sucker for sad love songs, it's a sure slam dunk for inclusion on my 'Pop Mix' playlist. In an odd way, the song's title speaks what I now feel about this English actor in a very short period of time. I may never get to hear any full-length studio albums with the name 'Will Mellor' tagged to them, but the handful of songs I've heard by him tonight will stay with me as long as I live:

1. No Matter What I Do (Radio Edit)
2. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
3. No Matter What I Do (Instrumental)

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