Friday, October 28, 2016

Will Mellor-When I Need You [SINGLE] (1997)


Staying up at night has been my routine lately to enjoy some long-awaited music goodies, and I find myself up at night again indulging in the first of two rare standalone singles released by the English actor Will Mellor. When this guy came to my attention, it reinforced my awareness that there is a seemingly endless sea of actors-turned-singers—and vice versa—lthough it's not always the case that if these actors did have a singing career, their music is readily available. Thankfully, Will's 1997 effort has avoided the depths of music forgetfulness, and I'm grateful to have enjoyed yet another brilliant cover of this timeless ballad that I've been hearing so much of in recent weeks! Everything about this song just makes me smile—from his earnest, soulful vocals delivering the memorable words to the starry, soft rock radio-perfect production (so nice of the producers, in act, to include an instrumental for those of us who appreciate all of the accompanying background music). "When I Need You"—a sure addition to my 'Easy Listening Radio Mix' playlist, while a possible candidate for future inclusion on my 'Pop Mix' is the other treat on this single: "Heart Of Mine". Can never get enough of that feel-good mid-90's dance/pop that reminds me of the days when the boybands and girl groups ruled the pop world. As for Will, though, he's not feeling quite so good, singing about a girl whom he is determined to never allow to break his heart:

1. When I Need You (7" Radio Edit)
2. When I Need You (7" Instrumental)
3. Heart Of Mine

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