Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Yana Kay-Loveland (2000)


OK, so the dance bug must be working overtime through my system! My latest guilty pleasure saw me breaching international cultural horizons once again when my ears and I got acquainted with the voice of the Latvian dance/pop singer Yana Kay. An adventure in "Loveland" seemed to be just what the music doctor ordered on a night where I really needed to hear only positive words and happy melodies. Leave it to bubblegum Eurodance to provide the sweet remedy, the sugar-coated "Play That Song (Na-Na-Na)" being the forerunner of the all instantly catchy sing-alongs while a little heat spices things up on the very Italo-disco inspired "Set My Heart On Fire" and "Fire Of Love". Though before I even indulged in those, Yana had already captivated me when her words sweetly confess everything she wants to offer on "Give You My All". It was that, plus the breezy atmosphere and the thumping dance beat, then Yana's distinctive voicing of 'ah-ha' in second chorus, which almost makes like an ethnic chant of sorts. My second favorite: "How Can I Forget?". While the Latvian singer conjures up all of the reminders of a love that's never forgotten, the production crew did a marvelous job here in conjuring up some cool beats, highlighted by the drum rhythm that builds up before the pounding rhythm in the main movement, the an awesome instrumental following Yana's delivery of the main chorus and that smooth midway pause with the slowed beat and the dreamy ambiance before that infectious dance beat sweeps back in! One that's sure to charm you: "If Only Stars Could Speak". The music has such a bubbly, starry air about it and that right touch of spacey electronic glitz that makes her words of ' i'm so weak without your tender touch ' an enticing engagement. If that one doesn't get you, then perhaps the lush and gentle flow of either the slower-tempo "Waterfall" or the chilled "Just Come And Stay With Me" will do the trick instead:

1. Intro
2. Set My Heart On Fire
3. Give You My All
4. Don't Stop The Night
5. Say You'll Never
6. Waterfall
7. Tell Me That You Love Me
8. How Can I Forget?
9. Play That Song (Na-Na-Na)
10. Fire Of Love
11. I Wanna B
12. If Only Stars Could Speak
13. Just Come And Stay With Me
14. Loveland

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