Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Anita Doth-Reality (2000)


My recent dance music obsessions had virtually passed on in order to make room for some new guilty pleasures at the other ends of the colorful music spectrum—'virtually' being the key word. But the dance bug still hasn't quite completely exited my system, and the latest result of my lingering symptoms is the hour plus my ears and I spent entranced inside the explosively entertaining "Reality" world of the glamorous Dutch singer Anita Roth. If her cover photo featured as the face of this album wasn't already captivating and alluring enough, the wow factor would only skyrocket for me the very second I got into the zone on the opening drum n' bass anthem, "This Is Reality", where her suggestive whispers of 'wake up' throughout contribute to the song's this-is-not-a-dream theme. From that point forward, every cut thereafter was an electrifying awakening of the senses, thanks to some mighty stellar production work in creating some of the coolest synthesized trance beats I've heard within these past few weeks of my dance music listenings. A definite highlight of the show and one that's sure to perk up the spirits: "Lifting Up My Life". It's a fun celebration song with a care-free air about it that makes great use of a deep, ultra-groovy bass line against the glitz of punctuated keyboard riffs; I particularly like when the song really comes to life especially when the pitch is taken up in final movements. Lately, I've been jumping straight down to the remixes right after the original has ended, but I decided to save the 'y2K' mix of "Lifting Up My Life" (I suppose it was called as such since this album was released prior to the 2001 and, thus, before the start of the New Millennium) for absolute last. That enabled me to jump into even more drum n' bass goodness without further delay on "Open Up My Eyes" (there's something really attractive about the subtlety of the digitally disguised, robotic vocals echoing underneath Anita's regular voice when she's singing in the main chorus), then later on "Universe (Believe In Yourself)", "Lovin' Every Day" (the drum n' bass mixed with the trance rhythm is a cool combination) and "Why Should I Lie?" (I'm totally liking the music here—the drum n' bass layered over the smooth jazz instrumental courtesy of the saxophone midway through, which was a total surprise!). Moments of sheer music exotica erupt on the sensual mid-tempo r&b groove that is "Say What You Mean" (like the high-pitched beep tones that playfully slide along with the melody in the main chorus, giving the song a dreamy and trippy feel), then later on the wild, tribal jungle of a dance party that is "Every Little Step" (you cannot HELP but to move something to this one!) and, my personal favorite, "Virtual Love", which my listening of seems to have been one day too late to have made it in time for the any spooky-themed Halloween festivities, given its suspenseful, haunting ambiance and Anita;s hushed, lustful vocals that, for some reason, had me thinking about a vampire woman. Among the next inductees onto my 'Energy Mix' playlist of favorites most definitely will include the super awesome jam, "Only You" (the only thing on Anita's mind is her lover man; the only thing on my mind was the pounding bass of the infectious beat!), although the playlists of other dance lovers out there may opt to add "Enter Love Delete The Hate", the anthematic club cut "Now Is The Time" or the bouncy big-time bomb that is "I've Given You Everything". I could go on and rave about this album into the next New Millennium, but really, all of this real talk could be saved in favor of some actual body talk:

1. This Is Reality
2. Lifting Up My Life [Original Mix]
3. Open Up My Eyes
4. Only You
5. Lovin' Every Day
6. Say What You Mean
7. Universe (Believe In Yourself)
8. Virtual Love
9. Enter Love Delete The Hate
10. I'm Not Your Fool
11. Now Is The Time
12. I've Given You Everything
13. Why Should I Lie?
14. Every Little Step
15. Lifting Up My Life [y2k Mix]

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