Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Helene Fischer-The English Ones (2010)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 30, 2016

Heaven is here! That's because the almighty voice of the German pop queen Helene Fischer has come to "The Music Spectrum"! Yet I may not have ever entered through the gates and into her celestial music haven had curiosity not gotten the best of me. It was a few months ago when the new boybandd KLUBBB3 was recommended to me. My reception of their debut German album, "Vorsicht Unzensiert!" (I have no idea what that means yet), arrived with some interesting details about the band's origins and background, including the eye-opening fact that Helene Fischer, who was in a relationship with one of the KLUBBB3 members, has been the best selling artist in Deutschland! With that, my attention had suddenly shifted over to this mystery lady, and it was soon afterwards that I would be gifted her first album of English recordings, simply yet appropriately entitled "The English Ones". Well, this has turned out to be 'one' remarkable gift.....and it's a gift that's kept on giving—musical pleasure, that is, and almost unspeakable joy! From the instant the powerful and astounding voice of Queen Helene dazzled my ears on the dancey lead-off track and darling romantic tribute, "You're My Destination", I was ready to bow down to Her Royal Highness. It was this very first song where I noted the exquisite backing production on this album, the familiarity and the distinctively theatrical-like presentation of "You're My Destination" and other elegant selections afterwards leading be to wonder if Helene ever performed in past Eurovision song contests or other similar singing competitions; if not, then she should ! Just that dancey opener had remained stuck in my head for weeks, but it would eventually be replaced when my ears and heart would be captivated by the magically majestic music expositions that are "I'll Walk With You" and, as I alluded to at the beginning of this review, "Heaven Is Here". The former is the one ballad on this album that prompted me to place Helene right there on the same musical pedestal with the likes of such fellow adult contemporaries as Celine Dion, Jennifer Rush and the amazing Icelandic superstar, Hera Björk; it just takes my breath away! Then as for the latter, well, it does a lot more than just take away my breath; it makes me feel like I'm flying, lifting me up and carrying me to an enchanted, mystical reality where only the Helene's voice and myself are both frozen in time, the only souls in existence! 'The day you came into my life is like heaven is here'—it's those same sweet words from the beautiful chorus that won't release their grip on me, and neither will the accompanying orchestral music, which features some mighty pounding drums that turn this gem into quite the epic masterpiece! "My Heart Belongs To You": I can totally hear the similarities to Celine Dion on this heartwarming ballad; the song is just full of sunshine and makes me smile, especially when Helene's vocal chords rise above the confined breathy voice that's barely above a tender whisper in the beginning. Another fine 'English one' that touches me: "Don't Ask"; the sadness parading through the music attracts me here, and I can say that it's fast-approaching 'music addiction' status, just as "You're My Destination", "I'll Walk With You" and "Heaven Is Here" already have. "Sometimes Love": I keep overlooking this gem, but it also touches me, as it's like a low-key celebration of the victory of achieving love. Though it sure doesn't end low-key; Helene's powerfully soaring vocals rise to the occasion and tack on an exclamation point when the last beat is heard! And I also keep forgetting how much I enjoy this album's other fun, dancey track: "Only Dreamers". I get that 80's throwback pop feel all throughout this one, highlighted by the bouncy, sing-along chorus. Though out of all of these 'English ones', "Heaven Is Here" is THE one that continues to reign supreme, and I can only dream how many times I will have listened to it before it's finally gotten out of my system, if ever does.....

1. You're My Destination
2. You Let Me Shine
3. From Here Til Forever
4. Sweet Surrender
5. Everything I Need
6. My Heart Belongs To You
7. Don't Ask
8. Leave Me
9. Goodbye My Love
10. Wake Me Up
11. I'll Walk With You
12. Sometimes Love
13. Only Dreamers
14. Heaven Is Here

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