Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kim Sozzi-Life Goes On (1999)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 30, 2016

Have you seen all the colors of a butterfly shine? That opening statement is inspired by the lyrics featured on the beautiful song of inspiration and self-preservation that is "One Day At A Time", the concluding track to this latest tasty music treat that was recently gifted to me. "Life Goes On" was the debut album by renowned dance diva Kim Sozzi, although I was immediately met with surprise when the generous gifter informed me in advance of the adult contemporary style of the music. Considering that it was a trance song that had gotten me formally acquainted to Ms. Sozzi a few years back, I was both intrigued and curious.....just as I'm sure many of you are who are reading this review now. This eleven-track promotional edition comes with a slight modification: my personally-customized artwork, which is enhanced by the watermark of the butterfly and the stars—two objects that I think are symbols of life. I'm giving special mention to that because, before I had even played "One Day At A Time" for my ears, that was the design I came up with. Then lo and behold, ' I've seen all the colors of the butterfly shine ' would coincidentally be presented as the main lyrics from the chorus! Some kind of premonition force at work there? I like when predictions work out like that. And while I have "One Day At A Time" still front and center, I'd like to say this song was a perfect closure. Not only are Kim's confident and brightening words—of taking things one day at a time when she's in doubt or going south—so rightfully completes the 'life goes on' theme, but the song's title itself is a motto that I personally abide by in my own day-to-day living. As for the album title itself, you'll hear Kim relaying that message over and over on the fun story called "Four Eyes". The light guitar--driven music here—plus the way Kim goes 'doo-doo, doo-doo-doo, doo-doo' before each of the verses—had me thinking "Dawson's Creek"/Paula Cole's "I Don't Wanna Wait". Sensing a bit of angst from Kim, that nerdy-high-school-girl-gets-rejected feeling as she sings about a boy who doesn't seem to take serious notice in her. Like how she sticks it to him at the end by proudly proclaiming her success and happiness while the boy has nothing. Of a similar fun nature are the upbeat, perky pop/rock tune "Lucky Girl" (the music box that plays at the end adds a tenderly touch) and "My Kind" (the sweet sounds of the jazzy saxophone always make me and my music senses smile). Then there's a song that's just tender and sweet all the way through: "Man In The Moon". Form the title, I knew it would have a lofty, romantic air about it, and that is prediction is quickly proven to be true when the day-dreamy music and the words of tribute (' you're the cradle in my spoon ' is my favorite line) start filling my ears. There's the happiness and romantically glowing side of "Life Goes On"; then there's the unhappiness and emotional darkness on the other side. The opener, " 'Til I Cry You Out Of Me", establishes both some of that emotional darkness, plus the aforementioned adult contemporary, soft rock sound of this album right off the bat. That's to be followed by Kim's cover of a song I've fallen in love with in recent months: "Just When I Needed You Most". I've been hearing so many beautiful covers of it lately (with the version by the Belgian boyband DREAMLOVERS still stuck fresh in my mind), and I really like this mellow, toned-down, warming version of Kim's, which is accented by the distinctively-Italian bistro stringed instrumental in the background. The song feels so short; it seemed to be over with before I knew it, but it''s very nice on the ears. My favorite line of the chorus is 'you left me just when I needed you most' (loving in particular the way the 'you' is drawn out), which I sometimes don't even realize how sad it is in spite of the charming delivery. The breakup ballad "Letting Go" is very well-presented ' It's not okay to play this game of seesaw in my head '&mash;that's my favorite line here, and I can almost taste the bite of her anger in the delivery of those words as well as when she commands the guy not to call her or write her anymore. Yet this colorful butterfly shines the most when her raspy, rising voice—bold and astounding powerful—turns both "Two Shades Of Blue" and "The End" into show-stopping performances! Her vocals on the former alone are enough to melt anyone's soul and bring tears to the eyes while the latter is so moving that you'd think it was a from an epic moment in a blockbuster motion picture! And with that, I end my mini-novel of a review, but there is surely lots of life to be lived once you come alive with the actual music:

1. 'Til I Cry You Out Of Me
2. Four Eyes
3. My Kind
4. Man In The Moon
5. Letting Go
6. Stuck In The Middle
7. Two Shades Of Blue
8. Lucky Girl
9. Just When I Needed You Most
10. The End
11. One Day At A Time

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