Tuesday, November 1, 2016

KINLEYS-All In The Family (2004)


It's about time I introduced this musical family to the "Music Spectrum" family! The identical twin sister duo of Heather and Jennifer Kinley had released this one final and much-sought-after album, and me finally having the chance to tune in to it tonight marked a welcome return to my adult contemporary country music listenings. Never forgotten, though, in my seemingly weeks of absence from the country genre, is the often spirited, light-hearted lyrics and lively sound that always make this kind of music a lot of fun. Got reminded of that right off the bat with the opener, "Climbin' Mt. Everest", where the Kinley Sisters do a clever play with geography—climbing high mountains, crawling to Memphis, digging a hole to China—to get their point across: going through great lengths and doing all of that had work, just to have their hearts broken? At least they find some redemption on "Crazy Love". This time, the collecting of the moon rocks underneath the bed and being taken on Ferris wheel rides (in a figurative romantic sense) is worth all the trouble, and so is just taking in the delightful music of this song itself, highlighted by the sisters' unified high/low vocal harmony. From being crazy in love to not being in love anymore, it's a swift change in mood going into the somber and bitter "You Don't Love Me", but that somberness and bitterness are delightful music to my ears. Yet the dark and gloomy mood doesn't last for too long; the sun peeks through the clouds on the beautiful love tribute that is "I Will". What starts off innocently enough unexpectedly suddenly explodes into a passionately-performed power ballad, their collectively strong, rising voices in the chorus confessing they'll do anything and everything and nothing at all, change and rearrange—even if it kills them; now that's some serious dedication! If this one hadn't been certified gold on the country hits chart, then I'm awarding it that very distinction right here and now! I'd get the most thrills on the the rockin' and rollin' country jam right afterwards: "Price Of Love". Here, the Kinley Sisters have a message to both the guys and the girls, warning us that falling in love might seem fine and dandy at first, but the heartache and pain and that promise to commit are the hidden costs involved with it all, especially when it's you yourself who's to blame for making that first move. The fun factor is nearly just as high on Track #9's "Ridiculous". I like the playful flow to it—the sisters singing about a guy who represents everything absurd, but the girl is still in love with him—and that beat drop before their unified delivery of the song's title, which becomes super catchy the longer it plays on. And then there's a couple that I was stuck to because of how the music itself is arranged: "Love Train" (a 'cowboy horse galloping' beat in the background is what attracted me here) and the short-but-sweet concluding piece, "Baby Blue", which is like the most tender of nighttime lullabies with its twinkly, dreamy ambiance. A warm welcome back into the countryside for sure, and I'm glad to have finally taken care of some unfinished family business:

1. Climbin' Mt. Everest
2. Love Train
3. Little Shoulders
4. Crazy Love
5. You Don't Love Me
6. I Will
7. Holdin' On For Life
8. Price Of Love
9. Ridiculous
10. Only A Prayer
11. Baby Blue

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