Friday, November 25, 2016

RENÉ & ANGELA-Street Called Desire (1985)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 25, 2016

Yes—how I always 'desire' to take a road trip along the street of endless feel-good tunes that will forever be the awesome 80's! They'd been on mind for several weeks—ince I embarked on my mission to reconnect with many of the 'R' artists in my music library‐but tonight, I finally gave the soul duo of René Moore and Angela Winbush my complete and undivided attention when I took a thirty-eight minute stroll with them back along the "Street Called Desire". One of my favorite soul duos from my favorite decade still impress me and captivate me with the same four familiar favorite tracks, my #1 being the timeless and magical slow number, "You Don't Have To Cry". Besides just being my personal #1, it's another one of THE definitive soul songs of the 80's—much like Roger Troutman's "I Want To Be Your Man"—that brings back a sea of warm, childhood memories every time I take in the soft groove and the melody of the trumpet accenting the whole comforting, tender flow of the music. I always remembered how the word 'cry' gets echoed three times for added effect at the end of every pass during the main chorus. Mega-memories are stirred up on "Who's Foolin' Who?", a fabulously-funky jam that I remember so well from the soundtrack to my #1 favorite movie of all time: Whoopi Goldberg's "Jumpin' Jack Flash" (and the movie itself is the source of a sea of childhood memories, always loving these high-tech spy films and my favorite all-time actress!). The hook is just great, René and Angela simply singing ' who's foolin', who's foolin' who? ' over and over in the chorus. "Your Smile": this album's second memorable and beautiful slow jam just fills me up with so much warmth and is so nice on the ears. Remembered how their sweet harmony delivers the simple words 'your smile', raising in pitch with every repetition in the chorus. And Angela shines on this song in particular, loving the way her voice soars and flutters like a butterfly. Then there's "I'll Be Good", which is another one of their much-often-played hits and a jam that I just remember so well from the radio. Beyond that quartet of music memories, the other half of this album served up something new for my mental jukebox to ingest. "Save Your Love (For #1)": I had forgotten how that this one kicked off with the fresh rap of the MC. I didn't recall the hook until the familiar way their voices soared up on the delivery of '#1' in the main chorus joggled my attention. This song has that sunny, feelgood 80's kick to it which, along with the simple message of saving your love for the one you got to come home to—as the rapping MC says midway through—makes it highly addicting to the 80's music lover! The same holds true for my new-found favorite, "Drive My Love" , which is simply classic 80's pop goodness at its best with the funky, synthesized glitz; how wonderful it is for me to have rediscovered this one! I'm surely gonna end up filling up my my playlists with practically this entire album; it may have only been eight tracks deep, but as the old adage goes, eight is enough:

1. Save Your Love (For #1)
2. I'll Be Good
3. No How No Way
4. You Don't Have To Cry
5. Street Called Desire
6. Your Smile
7. Who's Foolin' Who?
8. Drive My Love

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