Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rikah-Everything Is Changing [Maxi-Single] (2008)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 16, 2016

Rolling on right through the 'R' entries in my music library with another tantalizing treat for the dance music lovers! The singer who identifies herself as Rikah is among the many artists I'd gotten acquainted with through the San Francisco, California-based trance music label called CAPP Records, Inc.; that was almost a decade ago, and I'd nearly forgotten all about her. Although she hasn't yet released any full-length studio albums in her career—at least, none that I'm aware of—Rikah has found success over the years with a collection of singles, among the highlights being this 2008 effort of hers entitled "Everything Is Changing". It's your classic super-energetic, dream/trance rave of a jam where the angelic, delicate vocals of a lovely female lead vibrate and echo through your ears, putting you into an other-worldly, hypnotic state. What attracts me to this song, which is about feeling high on love and wanting someone to take that lofty ride into the clouds with her, is the chords and the melody; it gives the music a very airy, soar-up-into-the-sky-above-the-stars feeling. There's six beautiful mixes to choose from on this eight-track single, with listeners getting the most bang for their buck with the trio of 5+ minute club remixes. The three club edits are cool, but they're like such a tease when compared with their extended counterparts. Then there's the additional song of interest here to indulge in: "It's Got To Be Real" The music arrangement for this one is like a combination of a soothing massage on a sunny beach and some 80's throwback—ambiance and relaxation mixed with the familiar electronic synthpop of my favorite decade:

1. Everything Is Changing (Verano Remix Edit)
2. Everything Is Changing (August, Matthew & Salguero Radio Edit)
3. Everything Is Changing (Jason Matthew & Oscar Salguero Original Edit)
4. Everything Is Changing (Verano Club Mix)
5. Everything Is Changing (August, Matthew & Salguero Club Mix)
6. Everything Is Changing (Jason Matthew & Oscar Salguero Original Club Mix)
7. It's Got 2 B Real (Jason Matthew & Cary August Remix Edit)
8. It's Got 2 B Real (Jason Matthew & Cary August Club Remix)

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