Monday, November 28, 2016

Roger Clinton-Nothing Good Comes Easy (1994)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 28, 2016

I'll have to slightly disagree with the above album title in this particular case, because this latest music share of mine really did come easy, and it's as good as the title suggests! My indulgent streak of reconnecting with the 'R' artists in my music collection coincidentally concludes with me never before having gotten reacquainted with the voice of Roger Clinton, who becomes the latest 'mystery artist'—well, at least a mystery to me—to grace "The Music Spectrum". And here's a further coincidence: the fact that exactly two songs here on Roger's first and only known solo album even speak about mysteries (in some form or another), plus the fact that both of these songs emerged as two of my personal favorites, once my 40+ minute listening adventure with him had come to an end. There's "Mystery To Me", whose funky pop arrangement is an instant attraction while his words of being mystified about the things that are often done in this life intrigue and challenge the mind, then "Ride Captain Ride", where the classy, old-school soul feel instantly captivates the senses while he tells the story about riding on a 'mystery ship'. It is no mystery to say that both will end up on my 'Easy-Listening Radio Mix' playlist; especially the latter, considering its very eclectic production (the slight touch of reggae in the rhythm, the jazzy saxophone, the organ and a cool stringed arrangement that I can't quite identify). But way before my ears began exploring those musical mysteries, Roger had already made an excellent case for himself on the opening delight that is "Fantasy Of Love", taking quick notice of his intimate, ear-appealing vocals that do indeed belong on the soft rock radio airwaves. After his confession of love sickness on "Ain't No Cure For You" and his meaningful concept offering about the general troubled man in"Brother, Brother" is when this 'mystery man' really began to make an impression on me! Always a sucker for the sad, mellow love song, it took me no time at all to be moved by "We Throw Our Love Away", while the radio-perfect gem that is "Right Where My Heart Belongs" (something about his journey of finding his place in the world is both lonely and magical, all at the same time) had sold on me long before the delivery of it was complete, A surprise twist in the musical make-up of this album arises first on "Different Man", where Roger's outward showing of being changed sees him reeling off the slick rap lyrics and turning the song into quite the cool, hip-hop affair, then on the concluding piece, "Born Under A Bad Sign", where some good old-fashioned bluesy rock is as easy as they come:

1. Fantasy Of :Love
2. Nothing Good Comes Easy
3. Ain't No Cure For You
4. Brother, Brother
5. We Throw Our Love Away
6. Mystery To Me
7. Right Where My Heart Belongs
8. Different Man
9. Ride Captain Ride
10. Born Under A Bad Sign

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Nasty G said...

This is Bill Clinton's brother. ;)