Saturday, November 26, 2016

ROMANTICS-In Heat (1983)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 26, 2016

As Glenn Frey said on his rockin' 1984 hit, the heat is on! Wow—it's even been a long time since I heard that one, but I decided to pull something else off the backbuner within the 'R' entries in my music collection and play it for my ears tonight. That would be this 1983 album by the new wave outfit out of Detroit, Michigan called THE ROMANTICS. And with THE ROMANTICS appearing in "The Music Spectrum" spotlight comes another music confession of mine: I had heard only and exactly two songs by them for years—well into this New Millennium, in fact!—before I claimed my copy of this CD. Both are memorable and definitive rock hits of the 80's: "What I Like About You" and "Talking In Your Sleep". Kinda hard to decide which of the two I love more, but I suppose for the sake of this feature being about what I like about "In Heat", I'll have to go with the latter. I've always enjoyed the lyrics to this one—which basically tells how people will reveal whatever truths their hiding when they're asleep and have no control over what their mind is thinking—plus the way the lead singer delivers the last few words of every verse ending in 'cause I can hear it in the nigh-ye-I-ye-ight'. Of course, I had to help myself to a few repeats before I got all filled up, but that's not the only one that I had to have second helpings of. "Open Up Your Door" starts off easily enough, but suddenly blossoms into a catchy sing-along with the back-and-forth of the lead singer and the backup crew singing 'I said a I' and I wanna love you some more', not to mention that wild, hair band rocker's roar at the end of every verse. I can feel that hair band rock spirit also on "Got Me Everywhere You Want Me"; the classy 80's rock energy, the dancey rhythm and the simple hooks are what pull me into the music here! It's the band's knack for the simplicity of the a catchy chorus that keeps me hooked further on jams like "Rock You Up" (so cool to her the harmonica infused with the rock energy), "One In A Million" and "Love Me To The Max", with the simplest jams of all coming by way of "Diggin' On You" (there's a definite new wave spirit floating in the music on this one) and the fun, rock n' roll number entitled "I'm Hip" (the drum beats are fantastic!). Good times are to be had on the concluding cut as well: "Shake A Tail Feather"; it reminds me of some songs from that "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack, having that certain jukebox rock spirit about it that gets me going. Listening to this "In Heat" CD has gotten my rock senses nice and warmed up; I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before I crank the heat all the way up.....

1. Rock You Up
2. Do Me Any Way You Wanna
3. Got Me Everywhere You Want Me
4. One In A Million
5. Open Up Your Door
6. Talking In Your Sleep
7. Love Me To The Max
8. Diggin' On You
9. I'm Hip
10. Shake A Tail Feather

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