Monday, December 19, 2016

2 4 LOVE-Ti Amo (2000)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 19, 2016

My LIBERTY X 'liberation' party may be over, but I'm still feeling liberated and free, feeling the need to forge onward with whatever good tunes have been pleasing my ears. That brings me to share this next little treat that I've had stored in my music library for quite some time: "Ti Amo", the only known release by the mystery Europop duo known as 2 4 LOVE. "Ti Amo"—a favorite song of mine that I first heard many years ago by the late Laura Branigan, and it was her voice that kept echoing into my thoughts even as I played the opening 'Hit Version' mix. Turns out that I've now fallen in love with this refreshingly hip remake by this mystery 2 4 LOVE, where the male vocalist of the group tag teams with the female vocalist to deliver the rap lyrics and the memorable romantic words&mash;all put to a dreamy and ultra-chilled groove. I only wish I could've heard the lady singing more of the song's original lyrics—I love how and intimate and sensual her low-key vocals are while in performing her portions of the song—but I can stay all wrapped up in just her repetitive words of 'ti amo' looped endlessly throughout the chorus all night long! Then for additional kicks, there's the ' White 70's Version '—which has a cool, old-school and jazzy underlining to it that makes the music ultra-chilled to the max!—plus the more dance-pop-oriented 'Family Version' mix that is a great step up from the 'Hit Version'. "How Can I?", the very touching and final offering on their five-track single, is the most chilled of them all; it's a nice and sunny way to top everything off after the romantic dreams of "Ti Amo" have ended:

1. Ti Amo (Hit Version)
2. Ti Amo (Long Distance Version)
3. Ti Amo (The Family Version)
4. Ti Amo (White 70's Version)
5. How Can I?

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