Sunday, December 4, 2016

Belinda Carlisle-Runaway Horses (1989)


With the SLINKEE MINX dance remake of "Summer Rain" firmly implanted into my mental jukebox over the past few days, it was inevitable that I'd go back to my favorite decade yet again to hear the former GO-GO girl singing the original.....and here I am! So out of my CD collection came Belinda Carlisle's "Runaway Horses", and considering the amount of space I took up in my rave reviews on just the SLINKEE MINX remake of"Summer Rain" by itself, you can already guess that this song that keeps playing over and over in my head is my #1 favorite here just the same. Both versions are excellent listens, yet Belinda's has a distinctive alluring charm about it—a charm that that she puts into everything she sings, in fact—that satisfies my music senses a little more (and that statement pretty much describes my sentiments about 80's music altogether). It's definitely her bewitching vocals, plus the exotic chords of the haunting arrangement whenever she's singing the verses (when those same bewitching vocals are almost a tease and barely above a whisper), then the memorable, feelgood hook that ends with the romantic words of ' somewhere in my heart, I'm always dancing with you in the summer rain '. In short, each and every moment of this five-and-a-half minute masterpiece is marvelous! Surprisingly, I've never gotten—nor had even thought about getting in years past—Belinda's "Summer Rain" as a single nor heard any of her own remixes or extended versions; that's been partially satisfied by SLINKEE MINX's "Electric Dreams", but the rest hasn't been fulfilled yet.....and won't be until I at least treat myself to a few listens of those said mixes. But before I 'run away' with "Summer Rain", I must give mention to the other songs contained here on "Runaway Horses" that have me ridin' high. In fact, all of them come in a row—one after the other—all have the best hooks, and all of them leave me with a warm, summery feeling inside. My ears and I first are all smiles the instant we saddle up with the opener, "Leave A Light On", followed by the fun title track (I love the way she goes 'whoo-hoo, baby hold on tight' at the end of the chorus), the enchanting gem "Vision Of You", the aforementioned "Summer Rain" and especially the Latin-flavored jewel "La Luna". I sometimes overlook it with me always focusing so much of my attention on the 'First Fabulous Five', but "(We Want) The Same Thing" has an enticing main chorus for a hook as well, and taking this CD out again has allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with it and fall in love with it all over again, too. Could say the same about the concluding piece, "Shades Of Michaelangelo", which shares that same alluring enchantment as "Vision Of You" (I love the way this song sort of fades away with the slow-moving instrumental at the end). I'd love to run away on some real horses, but at least saddling up and galloping into the "Summer Rain" with this former GO-GO girl has let me enjoy the great escape for a while:

1. Leave A Light On
2. Runaway Horses
3. Vision Of You
4. Summer Rain
5. La Luna
6. (We Want) The Same Thing
7. Deep Deep Ocean
8. Valentine
9. Whatever It Takes
10. Shades Of Michaelangelo

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