Thursday, December 15, 2016

Billie Piper-Honey To The B [Japanese Edition] (1998)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 15, 2016

Eleven pipers were piping on the eleventh day of Christmas, but there's only one piper piping on this fifteenth day of December. Her name is Billie Piper, a British pop singer who drops in to spread some sweet music cheer with her debut album, "Honey To The B". And beeeeeeeeee warned: you will bee-come stuck inside of this buzzing beehive of hers the moment her delightfully candy-coated vocals entice you with the cheerleader-style chants of 'Why you got to play that song so loud?on the opening anthem, "Because We Want To". Love that distinctively British accent whenever she says 'to', reminds me of fellow British pop star Samantha Fox. I would get another girlie pop flashback on the follow-up track: "Girlfriend". The SPICE GIRLS is who I thought about as Billie playfully sings the chorus, her words of 'can I have your number?' and 'chat is on your mind?' repeated and echoed in typically teasing, teeny-pop fashion. "She Wants You": now this is something that I want! It's time to get down with this dance jam when you feel the rhythm building up with the introductory fade-in. Of course, I was already eyeing the 'Almighty Mix' at the very end, but I ended up saving it for last to top out my hour-long 'piping' session. On that 6+ minute floor-filler of a thriller, it's that looping 'I know she wants, I know she wants you!" (love the cheery zing she puts on 'you!')in sync with the groovy house beat that makes it the super-addicting sensation that it is! Then from dance sensations to just Billie showing some sensitivity—her softer side makes for marvelous moments, whether it be the make-up song, "Saying I'm Sorry Now" (some great vocals put on display here; I like how she changes up from being strong and passionate in the verses to being more tender with her apologetic words in the words), the caressing title track (you can almost taste the sweetest of her word,s especially when she says ' I'm dreaming of the candy in your fingertips') or "I Dream". As I'm always one to be allured by the instrumental ingredients of a musical production, I found myself totally entranced by "Love Groove". Just as the title suggests, the song here is indeed all about the groove—the trippy, funk/r&b swing accented by a jazzy saxophone and fluttery flute accompaniment, the latter of the two serving as the primary contributor to the music's lofty, exotic feel. Yet just as lovely as "Love Groove" is Track #11's "Whatcha Gonna Do"—well, the actual flow of the music and its overall production, that is, because the story of the song itself tells about the hurtful games, the lies and all of the other bad things that make for a breakup. The mood is much happier on "Don't Forget To Remember"; this song of promise surely made for a nice conclusion—like two best friends parting ways, but knowing they'll see each other again—on the original twelve-track version of this album. And that teeny-pop playfulness of hers exhibited earlier on "Because We Want To"? Billie employs it again to toy with the senses on "You've Got It"; those 'baby talk'-style drop-ins of 'You got what I want' and ' you've got it, you've got it ' in later passes of the chorus are what get me here! So mark December the 15th as the day when yours truly gave to you this wonderful piper piping:

1. Because We Want To
2. Girlfriend
3. Officially Yours
4. She Wants You
5. Love Groove
6. Party On The Phone
7. Saying I'm Sorry Now
8. You've Got It
9. I Dream
10. Honey To The Bee
11. Whatcha Gonna Do?
12. Don't Forget To Remember
13. So Deep
14. She Wants You (The Almighty Mix)

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