Friday, December 16, 2016

Billie Piper-Walk Of Life (2000)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 16, 2016

Last night's honorary 'Piper' is still piping on this sixteenth day of December; this time, she you and your ears to take the "Walk Of Life" with her, which starts off with the mighty step that is the highly-addicting dance/pop gem, "Day & Night". I totally get some Britney Spears vibes on this one! While Billie confesses that her guy makes her feel alright, everything about the music hear makes me feel alright, too! My ears have been treated to it at least three or four times.....and that was beforeI indulged in all of the dance remixes found on the bonus three-track single I've included with this post! The 'Totally Britney' vibes come at me immediately following "Day & Night" with "Something Deep Inside", particularly the unforgettably bubblegum hit "...Baby One More Time". Though there's a different dance diva I was thinking about as I prepared to get rung by "Ring My Bell". Looks like the disco queen Anita Ward wasn't the only woman who wanted a guy to do what the words to the title suggest. I really did think—for a brief moment—that Billie would be doing an actual cover of that ultra-groovy 70's disco classic; those of you who are in tune with my music-listening habits might've predicted that. Yet Billie is wanting the guy to 'ring her bell' both literally and figuratively—to come back to her door and ask for more, with the sound of the church bells chiming in for added effect. Then there was a third familiar lady form popular music that came to mind on "The Tide Is High". Now here I would get that cover song, instantly recognizing the chords to the 60's original. BLONDIE's reggae-tinged remake always fills me up with sunniness and happiness, and I must say this Billie Piper version does the same thing, even employing a guest MC to lay down a slick rap for her in the midway break to add some modern hip flavor it it. This "Walk of Life" becomes a stroll through paradise on the alluring title track—all dreamy and mellow and her words of 'are you gonna walk hand in hand with me?' opening the doors to a romantic destiny to be fulfilled—and the chilled comfort that is "Safe With Me". One of the more exotic offerings along this musical walk is Track #8's "Run That By Me". After the Native American-influenced introductory ambiance, the music evolves into a really cool, trippy funk number that keeps the senses captivated from beginning to end. It almost wanted to be a full-out Eurodisco jam, but I'll accept the infectiously-groovy upbeat rhythm to "Because Of You" for what it is. While Billie is singing about a guy who's got her all mind wrapped up and forgetting about the little innocent girl she left behind and just losing track of time altogether, my ears and I were all wrapped in the music, being especially sparked by the jazzed-up instrumental breaks. Then there's another sweet bubblegummy offering that pleases me: "First Love". She reminds us that your first love is someone that you never forget.....and makes sure you remember just that, as those exact words are repeated several times in the fade-out movement for your listening pleasure:

1. Day & Night
2. Something Deep Inside
3. Walk Of Life
4. Makin' My Way
5. Safe With Me
6. Ring My Bell
7. The Tide His High
8. Run That By Me
9. Promises
10. Because Of You
11. First Love
12. Misfocusing

Billie Piper-Day & Night (2000)

1. Day & Night (Stargate Mix)
2. Day & Night (Almighty Club Mix)
3. Day & Night (Robbie Rivera's Bombastic Vocal Mix)

Billie Piper-Something Deep Inside (2000)

1. Something Deep Inside (Radio Mix)
2. Something Deep Inside (Motiv 8 Deep Club Vocal Mix)
3. Something Deep Inside (The Bold & The Beautiful Mix)
4. Something Deep Inside (Good As You Remix)
5. Honey To The Bee (Hex Hector Club Mix)

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