Tuesday, December 20, 2016

BOYZ-Girlz Will Be Boyz [Fan Edition] (2016)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 20, 2016

There was the teenage new jack swing group from the late 80's/early 90's called THE BOYS (spelled with an 'S'), then the German boyband from the 90's called THE BOYZ (spelled with a 'Z'), then the Eurodance girl group (also from the 90's) simply called BOYZ. Huh?! I was just as confused with that last fact as the guy who introduced me to this Belgian all-female trio. Even more head-scratching is that, in the four years that BOYZ was active (according to music databases), a complete full-length album was never released; only a collection of nine singles were released from 1992 up until 1996. Seeing as nearly all of those singles composed of either only one or two tracks apiece, it seemed logical that somebody should create an unofficial compilation album to their credit; hence, this special fan edition is born. It further seemed equally logical that its title should be a combination of something that maintains the 'Z' theme of their group name while also describing what these ladies really are from a physical standpoint; hence the title "Girlz Will Be Boyz". Then as for my custom front and back cover artwork, I thought the male/female sex symbol design would also fit the boy/girl theme. Yet all of the androgyny is divided up once the music gets under way with the opening HI-NRG cut, "What You See Is What You Get". My immediate impressions: their light, sweet vocals singing together in unison led me to think of them as a hybrid of the Frreestyle all-girl group EXPOSÉ and the British PWL pop group BANANARAMA. By the time I'd enjoyed my third or fourth serving of their catchy ' but you ain't seen nothing yet ' tagged on at the end of the chorus, they and their music had pretty much already gotten to me. The HI-NRG thrills then continued with the simply bubblegum track, "I Wanna Be Loved"; again, it was the catchy chorus that suckered me into the music, plus the fun production play midway through that's highlighted by the beat drop and the whistle blows. Nothing could rescue me from the music once the classic early-90's house synthesizing that I love so much seeped into my ears on "Save Me", the lofty melody and their collective words of wanting to be taken away only giving the song an even more heavenly feel. It does indeed feel like I'm flying on Track #5' "Fly", given the super-charged Eurodance beat and the breathtaking caress of their smooth, unified voices singing ' baby, let's fly like an eagle '. The jams really start to get entertaining on "Hey Now"; I love how the bouncy dance rhythm gallops along with spurts of light rap within the verses and the catchy 'come on baby, come and get it' chorus making it all complete! Here's one that I totally got filled up on: "Love On The Beach". Besides being instantly captivated by the turbo-charged beat, the melody and the celebratory ambiance in the background in the first five seconds of the opening movement, I got all kinds of fun kicks out of them chanting 'yeah! yeah!, yeah-yeah-yeah!' at the end of the chorus (I kinda got that ' GO-GO GIRLS/"We Got The Beat" ' feeling there) and their bubblegum sing-along words of ' we're gonna sing, we're gonna dance and have a little hot romance'. The Eurodance beats decelerate for this fan edition's funky rap/pop jam, "Searchin' For Love" (the girl on the rap break halfway through is my favorite part!), before kicking into high gear again on "Gimme Gimme" (this one is just as bubblegummy and senselessly sweet as "Love On The Beach", you can't help but to be delighted by their repetitive cheery outbursts of 'gimme your sweet love') and the more glitzy, techno-oriented "Up Up Up (In A Puff Of Smoke)" which, because of the way their voices rise up with every delivery of 'up up up' and the infectious line of ' ain't no joke the way my heart is broke ', makes it the most supremely catchy cut of them all:

1. What You See Is What You Get
2. I Wanna Be Loved
3. Save Me
4. I Want To Know
5. Fly [Radio Edit]
6. Hey Now
7. Love On The Beach
8. Searchin' For Love
9. Gimme Gimme
10. Up Up Up (In A Puff Of Smoke)
11. What You See Is What You Get [Instrumental]
12. I Wanna Be Loved [Instrumental]

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