Wednesday, December 28, 2016

FOURCE-I'll Be The One (For You) (2004)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 28, 2016

May the FOURCE be with you! Aside from that opening "Star Wars" pun, I truly do want this too-short-lived boyband to accompany you in your music-listening adventures. For the second day in a row, I'm gifting another one of my recently-fulfilled, long-standing music requests—the four-track single "I'll Be The One (For You)". The sublime harmony and the charm they bring on this lovely song of romantic promise that is "I'll Be The One (For You)" definitely sounds like the hit that very well could've propelled them into superstardom. A couple of replays of it later, followed by a few helpings of its even nicer acappella version and the warming instrumental-only version, and I was all filled up on this song. But that's not all this fighting FOURCE had in its musical arsenal here; excitement rushed through me the instant I had peeked at the title of Track #, realizing it to be the very familiar golden oldie, "Love Is All Around". Having just been introduced to their lush collective harmony, I knew that these guys would do a marvelous makeover of the late-60's original. Similar to the 1995 WET WET WET version, the work going into this FOURCE production features a refreshing yet subtle rock kick to the music while also maintaining the classic boyband dance/pop-style arrangement—I love it! And every last word of the memorable lyrics is all there, too, my favorite line of ' there''s no beginning, there'll be no end ' from the main chorus sounding as beautiful as ever! It's too bad that the quartet of Sean Wing, Chase Coleman, Chris Myers and David Wolf never released any full-length albums—at least none that I'm aware of—in their abbreviated career together. But after a bit of investigation into the present whereabouts of the individual members, which revealed that Chris Myers has been releasing singles as a solo artist while Sean Wing has focused on music aside from his acting endeavors, it's nice to know that at least half of this former boyband is still being a force to be reckoned with:

1. I'll Be The One (For You)
2. Love Is All Around
3. I'll Be The One (For You) [Instrumental]
4. I'll Be The One (For You) [Acappella]

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