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LIBERTY X-Being Somebody [Japanese Edition] (2003)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 17, 2016

After inviting you to my hour-long 'liberation party' with the LIBERTY X crew and their "Thinking It Over" album, I felt the need to 'liberate' the pop music lovers out there one more time! The free spirit in me decided not to just settle for sharing their original 14-track version of "being Somebody", but to go all the way with the Japanese Edition of their second studio album. And on this special 20-track album is another favorite LIBERTY X jam of mine that I'd completely forgotten about: "Being Nobody". Curious that it's titled as such, because the memorable and familiar words of ' ain't nobody, loves me better ' in the chorus clearly indicate that it's an updated cover of contemporary soul legend Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody"! Whether they ain't nobody or they're trying to be somebody, the guys and girls will thrill somebody with their funky pop remake; they certainly thrilled me! That's just one of the numerous jams I had loads of fun with in my second hour-long LIBERTY X session of the day; I could say the good times formally started with the club anthem, " Jumpin' "—sounds great all by itself, but is even better when watching the official music video, which is included here at the very end on this Japanese Edition for your viewing pleasure. The fun continued with "Watcha Doin' Tonite?", whose serious bounce to the beat makes it the ideal ride song. I like the 'left, left, left right left' military march after the chorus and the way the song changes up with its alternate arrangement midway through; both have a way of catching the senses off guard, yet add some extra flavor to the music. "I Just Wanna" is one that you will wanna play two or three times, or even more than that! The beat and the suspenseful sound draw you in first, the chilling piano skipping along during the verses (I like the part in one of the verses about being played like a Nintendo) before the intensity picks up with the crashing in of the rock guitars during the final movements with the 'flatline' sound effect capping it out with a neat a touch (as if to say they'd went at it all night long, and then passed out somewhere). Got an unexpected thrill with "Where Do We Go From Here?"; the chords, I realized, are reminiscent of the Billy Ocean hit from the 80's called "Caribbean Queen"; that's why the music had that old-school vibe that I picked up on as soon as I started playing it. Yet beneath all of the club jams and the ride songs, there is a collection of charming and heartwarming gems that I must give praises to. "Everybody Cries" is a reminder that nobody needs to be ashamed to open up and pour out their emotions; the fine production work, accented by the chilled ambiance beneath the mellowness and the glimmering orchestral overtures, does wonders in making the words get to you. "Story Of My Life": the songwriter who authored this one should be applauded for a literary work well done. Seeking someone to help him write the perfect words to make him a better person..... One must listen to the message in its entirety to receive its full effect. "Forever" takes a simple approach with just dreamy ambiance a light guitar backing the poetic words that speak of an eternal destiny; Track #16's "Maybe" is even simpler than that with only the soft piano serving as the background piece, and is also the lone song where one of the guys gets to be front and center on shared lead vocal duties. The latter surely was a terrific way to close out the select 16-track versions of "Being Somebody", but the Japanese Edition-exclusive "Willing To Try" gets even higher distinction from me—an absolute jewel and beautiful tribute to the guy who gives her strength and motivation. Then there's "The Poet", and the comforting "The Last Goodbye" and the tantalizing "Close Your Eyes" (love how their collective harmonizing voices draw out the 'fantasize', 'paradise' and the 'close your eyes', plus the marvelous closing acapella)—so much good stuff here to keep everything on the free and easy:

1. Intro (Being Somebody)
2. Jumpin'
3. Being Nobody
4. Everybody Cries
5. Watcha Doin' Tonite?
6. The Poet
7. I'll Be Remembering
8. The Last Goodbye
9. Let Go
10. Forever
11. Close Your Eyes
12. I Just Wanna
13. Impossible
14. Take Me Home
15. Story Of My Life
16. Maybe
17. Where Do We Go From Here?
18. Willing To Try
19. Just A Little
20. Jumpin' [Promotion Video]

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