Saturday, December 17, 2016

LIBERTY X-Thinking It Over (2001)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 17, 2016

Yeah, I actually was doing some thinking, realizing a few days ago that it had been ages since I last took some time out to tune in to this British/Irish boy/girl group. Didn't take me too long to 'think it over' at all, and then I found myself suddenly all wrapped up in LIBERTY X and this awesome debut album! Wrapped up is right—I must've spent a good ten or fifteen minutes alone with the opening title track and its accompanying bonus remixes. It totally sounds like the album's original wants to break out into a Eurodisco explosion at any time, but I'm more than satisfied with the drum n' bass beat that carries the music here. The track reminded me that it was primarily the girls of the group who took on the lead vocal duties, who deliver the shoutout tribute to themselves with the spelling out of 'liberty' in the intro and all throughout, but the guys get some vocal play time when their digitally-distorted words of ' I ain't made at you baby ' and 'thinking it over' are delivered on the electrifying 'Wideboys Remix'! The beats and the production glitz, in fact, turn every one of the these jams into something brilliant for the ears. They do it up just great on "Doin' It" and "I Got What You Want"—they want to see that sexy body move on both of these cuts—plus the two that deal with their desire to get some real action going on: "Wanting Me Tonight" and "Saturday". One track in particular put that 'oh yeah, I remember this one!' thought into my head: "Just A Little". I'd remembered the sensual groove and the flow of the chorus, highlighted by the suspenseful sounds of the chords and the girls soulfully singing 'just a little' in their respective sultry voices, a perfect arrangement for a song that starts off with a sizzling 'sexy' and admitting that everything about him is exactly that. "Right Here Right Now", whose production feels like a chilled version of the title track, is quite the charming piece, the lyrics speaking out wanting to be with that special someone and nowhere else in place and time. Then there's the one here that fills me up with complete happiness: "No Clouds". From the title, you can get the sense of a mellow song where the singer offers that there won't be any storms raging; only sunshine and sunny days to look forward to. Turns out to be precisely that, and the girls do it up great again with the rap break midway through. Hearing just that one song made me glad that I decided to free up some leisure time to listen in on this LIBERTY X bunch and liberate them from the depths of pop forgetfulness:

1. Thinking It Over
2. Just A Little
3. Doin' It
4. Wantng Me Tonight
5. Got To Have Your Love
6. No Clouds
7. Everyday
8. Saturday
9. Holding On For You
10. I Got What You Want
11. Feel The Rush
12. Right Here Right Now
13. Dream About It
14. Never Give Up

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

15. Thinking It Over (Pete Devereux & The Wideboys Club Vocal Remix)
16. Thinking It Over (The Wideboys Remix)

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