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SLINKEE MINX-Electric Dreams (2007)


Heaven is a place on earth! Somehow, the title to the very memorable Belinda Carlisle hit seemed like a fitting way to start off this particular post. That's because my first ever listening of "Electric Dreams", the first and only album released by Australian dance trio that called itself SLINKEE MINX—what a cool name!—truly does feel like heaven on this earth! Even more so for me, because the one song that these ladies are known for happens to be a remake of another memorable and favorite Belinda Carlisle hit:"Summer Rain". My feelings about cover songs never changes; the instant that I realize that an artist has created a dance cover of a memorable or favorite song from the 80's, it gets my total attention, and my mind cannot rest until I've gotten the album from which that dance remake came! Fortunately, I managed to remain well-rested, as the waiting period between me catching wind of SKLINKEE MINX and getting a chance to hear them performing "Summer Rain" on this debut album was amazingly less than a week! I remember having always wanted to hear some kind of a glitzy techno or trance remix of "Summer Rain" ever since I heard Belinda's beauty of an original years ago; "Electric Drams" has made that dream come true! Turns out that everything I know and love about this song of romantic reflection—the bittersweet lyrics about waiting for the train and the last time she saw her baby; that great hook of a main chorus that I love singing along to (' oh my love it's you that I dream of, oh my love, since that day... '); that chilled, haunting instrumental break after the main chorus with Belinda's breathy vocals playfully teasing the ears—remains here in all of its original summery glory..... Well, except for those same breathy vocal teasing and that same haunting instrumental break reappearing again in the song's fading movement at the end, but my dream is still complete nonetheless! Of course, you know I've already have gotten super-addicted to it, and fueling that addiction further is the pair of 6+ minute club remixes on this album's second CD! What more could I ask for? extended club remix of "U Could Be", perhaps? This bonus cut, also found on the second CD, is a super addiction as well and stands as my #2 behind "Summer Rain". Fell in love with the smooth, ultra-groovy rhythm and the chords and the happy melody and just the overall feeling of prospective love. I've played this one at least a half-dozen times ("Summer Rain currently is running away with the replays at about nine or ten!), but it's probably been more times than that! The simple theme of one man who could be 'the one'—all that she needs, all that she adores—makes the music so easy to get into, with the best part coming when the once-subtle disco rhythm becomes more prominent in the closing movements in sync with the accompanying saxophone. Something that I didn't even ask for, but became the source of my latest 'Music Surprise of The Day': a SLINKEE MINX remake of the George Michael classic, "Careless Whisper". It too is found on the second CD, and the super-charged trance production actually re-fulfills a former 'electric dream' I had of having wanted to hear a techno/trance remix of it a long time ago as well! Kinda seems like that I spent the majority of my listening time on CD #2, doesn't it? In total, you'll need well over an hour to indulge in every one of the eleven tracks on it. Though the forty-eight minutes of music featured on CD #1 are just as entertaining, if not more. Once you've dried off after the glorious downpours of "Summer Rain", you'll get drenched again when immerse yourself in the floor-filler jams specifically designed to get the body moving and the high-energy juices flowing: "Way Of Life", "Closer" (quite the mega-groovy disco explosion this one is!), "Dance Everybody", plus the second CD's 7+ thriller, "Feel The Vibe". Then there are the SLINKEE MINX jams that touched me in a special way, perhaps because of the sad overtones of both the lyrics and the chords: "Falling Free", a song of inner release an letting go of the love once had; "Hold Me", a plea to hang on to that love and lever let it go; and both Part 1 and Part 2 "Someday", where the ladies aspire and hope about finding love again in the future (the sunny nature Part 2 makes it the better of the pair; I like the way the song cuts off at the end and leaving your music senses adrift, as if to say that love is 'to be continued...'). "Nu Love" could be placed in that same category, but instead of sadness, there is an overall aura of soothing and comfort, as that's the feeling to be expected whenever a new love enters one's life. And then the ones that are purely fun and too catchy not to get hooked on: "Every Little Thing", "You Turn Me On" and especially "Send Me An Angel" (it's that disco rhythm and their repeated words of 'send me an angel, right now' against the eerie, almost melody that locks me in here!). As I prepare to sign off tonight, I had thought about ending with the words 'pleasant dreams', but maybe it would be more appropriate to simply conclude with 'electric dreams' instead:

CD #1

1. Summer Rain
2. Falling Free
3. Way Of Life
4. Every Little Thing
5. Send Me An Angel
6. Closer
7. Hold Me
8. Nu Love
9. Think You're All That
10. You Turn Me On
11. Someday
12. Dance Everybody

CD #2

1. Way Of Life (Studio B Remix)
2. Summer Rain (Zander Club Mix)
3. Summer Rain (Alex K Klubbed Up Mix)
4. Every Little Thing (mrTimothy Club Mix)
5. Every Little Thing (mrTimothy Dub Mix)
6. Careless Whisper (Radio Edit)
7. U Could Be
8. Feel The Vibe (Mike Felks Mix)
9. Someday (Moustache D-Day Mix)
10. Closer (Mike Felks Club Mix)
11. Someday Part II

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