Thursday, December 8, 2016

SPIN DOCTORS-Pocket Full Of Kryptonite (1992)


Showing even more love for my alternative rock music collection today, and I'm dipping back into the 'S' entries in my music library in order to do so. Can't even recall the last time I had even heard listened to anything by the New York City-based funk/rock troupe that calls itself SPIN DOCTORS, but it surely was when I heard the one nostalgic hit of theirs that I've been hearing on the radio airwaves for like the past two decades: "Two Princes". As with SMASH MOUTH's "All Star", the other nostalgic 90's alternative rock hit I've recently treated my ears to, I had always thought it was one of the coolest songs ever, and I still get that oh-yeah-I-remember-that-one feeling whenever lead singer Chris Barron's memorable words of 'just go ahead now' reenter my mental jukebox. Yet it would almost be a stretch to say that "Two Princes" is my #1 favorite on their 1992 album, "Pocket Full Of Kryptonite" (whose quirky title gets mentioned prominently in the lyrics to the opening cut, "Jimmy Olsen's Blues"), because there's a jam here that I love a lot more: "Yo Mamas A Pajama". Just the title already elicits humor before the song gets under way.....and when it does, it becomes quite the entertaining affair, spearheaded by the hilarious words of ' yo mamas a pajama and she ain't no good ' and ' yo mamas a pajama and she ain't got no friends '. Though the words beg me to ask the questions, ' Who's mama is a pajama? ' and 'What makes her a pajama?'. But Barron doesn't stop there; he goes on further to call someone's grandma greasy, someone's daddy a caddie and somebody's sister a blister. The full effect of all of this senselessly harmless fun, however, isn't felt until you've heard the accompanying music and received Barron's rap-style delivery together. Elsewhere inside this "Pocket Full Of Kryptonite", there's plenty of cuts that I personally enjoy simply because of the chilled grooves and the dazzling guitar show that they provide: "Forty Or Fifty", with its extended closeout instrumental; "Refrigerator Car", with its drawn-out jam session featured at the beginning' and the 10+ minute live performance "Sweet Widow", whose blaring guitar show for nearly half the song livens up the fans in attendance. This was a nice little trip down memory lane for me.....or should I say a spin down memory lane?

1. Jimmy Olsen's Blues
2. What Time Is It?
3. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
4. Forty Or Fifty
5. Refrigerator Car
6. More Than She Knows
7. Two Princes
8. Off My Line
9. How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)
10. Shinbone Alley/Hard To Exist
11. Yo Mamas A Pajama
12. Sweet Widow
13. Stepped On A Crack

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