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*Various Artists-My Christmas Party Album (2007)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 12, 2016

Nothing like some good ole holiday tunes to ignite a merry spark into your music-listening lineup! 2007's "My Christmas Party Album" becomes my first album of holiday tunes altogether to get "The Music Spectrum" spotlight and to be shared with the rest of the music world for this 2016 year. There are a lot of savory treats on this special 24-track sleigh ride of festive fun, but the most delectable one for me personally is the "Festive Food Song", the senselessly silly Christmas-themed remake of the FAST FOOD ROCKERS' "Fast Food Song". Never heard of this bubblegum Eurodance group? You're missing all the giggles! But if you have heard of them, then you must know that "Festive Food Song" is a must-have! Gone are the Pizza Huts, the Kentucky Fried Chickens and the McDonald's; this time, you get a healthy helping of Christmas trees, turkey dinners and snowmen instead! The fast food crew does, however, retain at least some of the grease from the original—the lyrics that go ' I think of you and lick my lips, you've got the taste I can't resist ', plus the cheerful chant of ' let's eat to the beat!' (is that even possible?) before the main chorus. A fast food Christmas indeed! Yet after you've gotten all filled up on their turkey dinners and such, it seems the fast food crew is still serving up the senseless holiday silliness; that's where this festive party turns into a mystery party. According to the back cover artwork included with this album, there is no artist credited nor tagged to Tracks #7 through #21. However, at least a few of these uncredited tracks definitely sound like something that could've been performed by the FAST FOOD ROCKERS because of their noticeable Eurodisco/Europop arrangements:

  • "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer": Wow—a dance cover of this Christmas classic! The digitized computer voice dropping in the monotonic its monotonic quips of'Rudolph' beneath the main vocals throughout adds a cool zing to the song.
  • "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree": The distinctive church bells instantly put me in a merry mood, but then this classic just puts me in a merry mood no matter who is singing it! Love that 'whistle melody' partway through, too.
  • "Christmas Wrapping": A new one for me! New lyrics I've never heard before put to a very groovy Europop rhythm, one that almost has a ' SUGARHILL GANG/"Rapper's Delight" ' throwback flow to it. My favorite part of the bubblegum lyrics, which consists of whatever holiday themes is on the mind of the songwriter, is when the girl on leads who sings about the turkey dinner burning in the oven and wails 'oh damn!'.

If the remainder of the tracks immediately following "Festive Food Song" were truly recorded by the FAST FOOD ROCKERS as well, then they were surely rockin' for real on "Sleigh Ride" (I've always loved the bouncy and bubbly lyrics, particularly that 'ring-ting-ting-a-ling' part), "Here Comes Santa Claus", and "Another Rock 'n' Roll Christmas", whose jukebox-in-the-malt-shop rockabilly vibe makes this the very merry sing-along that it is. The fast food crew further has now gotten me attached to another that I don't think I've heard before: "Merry Christmas Everyone". Super catchy and super merry to the max, thanks to the 'shoo-be-doo-bop, bop-shoo-bop' of the backing vocalists and the song's overall theatrical, stage musical delivery and style. And the male lead singer of the foodie crew does an excellent job in capturing the magic, the spirit and the feel-goodness of the Paul McCartney classic, "Wonderful Christmas Time"; I can totally hear McCartney's own original vocals echoing through the familiar chords and the unforgettable line, 'Simply having a wonderful Christmas time'.

As for the rest of the songs that are credited, you'll get an eclectic mix of just about everything: the children's tune, "I Love Christmas", by the made-for-television ensemble that called LAZYTOWN; the rockin' offering "Not Tonight Santa" by the British group GIRLS ALOUD; a somewhat 'hair band'/metal-rock performance entitled "Merry Xmas Eberybody" by the British band SLADE; a 'spoken word' contribution by British comedian Vic Reeves entitled "Life's A Treat"; yet another surprise remake of WHAM!'s "Last Christmas", performed by a cartoonish Eurodance artist I've never heard of before called CRAZY FROG (and their remake of "Jungle Bells" is a cartoonish affair as well); and the warm n' fuzzy orchestral instrumental, "Christmas At Hogwarts", a tune from the "Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone" film that quite nicely wraps this Christmas party up in a soft, cuddly blanket of winter chill:

1. Vic Reeves - Life's A Treat (Festive Fleece Mix)
2. Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody
3. Girls Aloud - Not Tonight Santa
4. Crazy Frog - Jingle Bells
5. LazyTown - Bing Bang (Christmas Version)
6. Fast Food Rockers - Festive Food Song
7. Fast Food Rockers - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
8. Fast Food Rockers - Wonderful Christmas Time
9. Fast Food Rockers - Step In Go Christmas
10. Fast Food Rockers - All I Want For Christmas Is You
11. Fast Food Rockers - Christmas Wrapping
12. Fast Food Rockers - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
13. Fast Food Rockers - Here Comes Santa Claus
14. Fast Food Rockers - Frosty The Snowman
15. Fast Food Rockers - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
16. Fast Food Rockers - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
17..Fast Food Rockers - Merry Christmas Everyone
18. Fast Food Rockers - Another Rock 'n' Roll Christmas
19. Fast Food Rockers - Winter Wonderland
20. Fast Food Rockers - Jingle Bell Rock
21. Fast Food Rockers - Sleigh Ride
22. Crazy Frog - Last Christmas
23. LazyTown - I Love Christmas
24. Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone - Christmas At Hogwarts

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