Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chris Salvatore-The Sound Of This Beat (2011)


Yeah, I really like the sound of this beat! This first month of the new year has somehow seen me making a lot of reconnections—music and otherwise, with the former being especially true with the numerous listening recommendations and suggestions given to me in the past. Returning back to a guy whom I've previously given some of "The Music Spectrum" spotlight to, I welcome back Chris Salvatore by presenting this seven-track mini-album that I had never taken the time to check out. Any familiarity about the opening title track had long faded away, so I must say that my ears and I received quite the electrifying shock when the hypnotic pulsating dance beat and Chris's digitally distorted vocals sparked my senses! As he offers up in the words of the chorus, you really can't stop moving your feet to this one! Somewhere on this planet, I'm sure that this ultimate trance jam was being played endlessly in a dance club! The follow-up feel-gooder is just as addicting: "Dance All Night (Fallin' In Love)". And then I would be all smiles with my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' after that: "I Want Your Sex". I continue to find it so uncanny how I keep discovering these albums where the artist is doing a remake of one of George Michael's hits in the aftermath of his untimely passing. Just when I thought I'd heard "I Want Your Sex" in just about every imaginable genre, I hear this Chris Salvatore progressive, industrial-style trance version. It does take some getting used to, especially to us kids of the 80's who grew up with the pop original, but all of the memorable lyrics we know and love are still there, even that ' ke-ke-ke-ke-ke-c'mon ' and the breakdown midway through on what sex should be all about. The next one definitely plays on your audio senses: "Consider Yourself Warned". The title already had piqued my interest, giving me that uh-oh, what's-gonna-happen-on-this-one? feeling. The suspenseful intro, accented by the sharp backing orchestrals, sets it off, and what ensues is an extremely edgy 3+ minutes of haunt spearheaded by Chris's repetitive words of ' I'll eat your heart out '. It's a cool cut that I would almost categorize as alternative electro-pop, given its slight electro-rock kick and all. Just as how easily I fell head over heels for the title track, I found myself instantly allured by the Eurodancey-style glitz, hypnotic beats and digitally disguised voice effects to "Break Your Heart (Let The Music)". Seems every dance album has that one perfect ballad to top everything off, and this time around, "It Gets Better" is deserving of that distinction. His beautiful voice really glows on this one—it shines best when the main arrangement drops out for a few seconds with only the soft piano backing him up—as he delivers the words of inspiration, healing and romantic optimism. So glad that the 'Carlos Gallardo We Party Remix' came immediately following that 5+ marvelous minutes; I was already geared to hear the dance interpretation of it. The remix is awesome—a big pounding bass line after the introductory swirly ambiance. 7+ minutes of dance thrills—perhaps it is this that tops everything off instead?

1. The Sound Of This Beat
2. Dance All Night (Fallin' In Love)
3. I Want Your Sex
4. Consider Yourself Warned
5. Break Your Heart (Let The Music)
6. It Gets Better
7. It Gets Better (Carlos Gallardo We Party Remix)

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Steve said...

Interestingly, I just read a heart-warming news article this morning about Chris taking in his ailing 89 year old neighbor to care for her during her final days: