Monday, January 30, 2017

Ricky Fanté & Scott Rickett-Soul Surfing (2003)


A peaceful Sunday night after a nice and filling turkey dinner is a perfect time to sink back and get filled up on some music for the soul. Though instead of surfing the Internet for something new, I treated myself to a helping of something else that I'd already had for the past few days, but hadn't yet made time to listen to. And a treat it is—this joint ten-track effort featuring contemporary r&b artist Ricky Fanté and a guy named Scott Rickett. Lovers of the throwback, old-school 70's soul sound will be pleased that 2003's "Soul Surfing" has washed ashore here at "The Music Spectrum". Yet even those of the younger generation—and a child of the 80's such as myself—can appreciate Ricky's distinctively aching voice leading the way on these captivating pieces three-minute-long pieces. I was already finding myself marveling at how good he sings upon taking in the opener, "Breaking My Heart", with his talent for reaching the upper high note first leaving me with lasting impressions on the follow-up tune, "Changes". It's more contemporary and less 70's throwback, perhaps, on the acoustic guitar gem, "Right Down The Line"; besides showing off that high voice of his, there's some excellent harmony to be enjoyed here. That acoustic guitar, in fact, serves in making "Real Love" the intimate number that it is. Kind of a bluesy, country feel he's got going on here, with the simple and oh so true message that if love ain't real, then you may as well hold it back. My favorite stop along this soul-surfing breeze of a journey is the heart-piercingly gripping "Haunt Your Forever"; it's songs like these where I can totally feel the aches and pains embedded in the songwriter's mind:

1. Breaking My Heart
2. Changes
3. Right Down The Line
4. It Don't Matter
5. Real Love
6. Change Your Ways
7. Haunt You Forever
8. Misunderstood
9. Who Stole The Soul?
10. Same Ol Same

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