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TSOONAMI ‎- Louder - Faster - Higher (2007)


With that highly-addicting THREE GIRLZZ "Mambo 2K" jam from yesterday's "Euromambo" album having been bouncing around in my head all day long, I've remained in Europop mode, which propelled me to embark on another musical exploration and eventually led me to get acquainted with an obscure (there's that word again!) Polish Euro-house troupe that called itself TSOONAMI. Surely, there has to be some cool story behind their intentional misspelling of the word 'tsunami'; besides that, I'm thinking the inspiration behind it was that they would flood the clubs with a sea of dance hits. Perhaps that idea isn't too far off the mark; they do indeed make several waves here on their first and only known album, "Louder- Faster - Higher", which is actually the English version of their Polish-language debut entitled "Atak" (also stylistically misspelled without the 'C' and extra 'T'). Techno and trance lovers alike will get all sorts of kicks out of TSOONAMI's ultra-glitzy, high-energy sound, but I warn that it may take a few tracks before getting comfortable with their quirky, distorted DEPECHE MODE/HUMAN LEAGUE-esque vocals that are often monotonic or just spoken altogether. The opening instrumental anthem sees the TSOONAMI crew announcing only their name 'Tsoonami' over and over,—designed to ignite the senses, as it were. Something in the melody sparked my attention, giving me with the notion that this would be something cool to add to my 'Energy Mix' playlist. The album's title track progresses further with the high-speed, super-charged theme (there's a very nice melody beneath the production glitz) and serves as a great crowd-pumper, as do "Something's Going On" and the intensely edgy "Getting High" with its screaming rock guitar accompaniment and deeper pounding bass line with one of the TSOONAMI guys hollering 'higher!' periodically throughout. They're pumping up more than just the arena crowd on the wild and crazy bubblegum offering, "Football Is The King". Football? I suppose this one was designed to motivate the local soccer teams, what with the sing-along 'rah-rah-rah-rah-rah' featured in the chorus and the catchy, clappy beat before the chanting of 'football!' and other inspirational phrases of motivation in the thick Polish accent; it's actually fun to listen to! But you haven't heard anything really fun until you've checked out "Give More Freedom For Your Willy". That long, wordy title gets your attention, doesn't it? Well it should, and the rather R-to-NC-17-rated lyrics that follow where the lead guy sings about wearing pants that are extra wide and needing to lt his willy breathe.....well, you'll quickly catch his drift in no time. Yet despite all of the quirkiness and senseless silliness that this TSOONAMI crew portrays, they still make room for a trio of charming moments. "Come Back To Me Baby" was the very first track I favorited, and also happens to be the first one with real lyrics. After the digitized monotonic and scatterbrained speech where the bits of remorse and self-pity are uttered, there's a lovely chorus where he then pleads for the return of the lady's love, all to a soothingly bouncy Euro-house beat. In fact, I'd say that "Come Back To Me Baby" is the best one overall, and perhaps the producers thought so as well, evidenced by their inclusion of a slower ballad version—which I adore even more than this Euro-house original!—as part of the bonus package at the end as well as their release of a standalone eight-track remix single. "You Are My Second Half" is one that I knew it would be a tender love song—given its title—but that prediction proved to be even accurate with the the twinkly, soft delivery of opening movement, then the surprisingly tender and sweet vocals of the guy on lead vocals here. Would've been nice to have a ballad version of this one, too, but the energetic trance tempo works nonetheless. And then there's one that gets you thinking: "Life Is Meaningless Without Love". An odd arrangement for this one—the alternating of the dreamy and slow groove with the full-out super-charged trance rhythm. Kinda wish it had been split into two separate mixes, but at least the arrangement doesn't distract too much away from the meaningful message that's embedded beneath it all:

1. Tsoonami
2. Louder Faster Higher
3. Come Back To Me Baby
4. Football Is The King
5. I Wanna Be In You
6. Something's Going On
7. Getting High
8. You Are My Second Half
9. I Keep My Guard On
10. Give More Freedom For Your Willy
11. Your Heart Won't Feel Sorry
12. Life Is Meaningless Without Love
13. Something's Going On (Trendy Beat Remix)
14. I Keep My Guard On (DJ Boom Remix)
15. Come Back To Me Baby (Slow Version)
16. Something's Going On (DJ Boom Remix)
17. Tsoonami Mega Mix (By Marco Van DJ)

TSOONAMI-Come Back To Me Baby (2007)

1. Come Back To Me Baby (Trendy Beat Remix)
2. Come Back To Me Baby (Bienn Remix)
3. Come Back To Me Baby (DJ Velu Summer Remix)
4. Come Back To Me Baby (D-Bomb Remix)
5. Come Back To Me Baby (Marko Van DJ Hopsa Mix)
6. Come Back To Me Baby (DJ Boom Remix)
7. Something's Going On (Trendy Beat Remix)
8. Your Heart Won't Feel Sorry (Trendy Beat Remix)

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