Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reggie-On The Park (1985)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 21, 2017

My heart has been aching for a return to the good ole 80's for a while now; I look forward to an extended stay in my favorite music decade. In a way, indulging in my newly-discovered indie electronic pop group, MIIKE SNOW, for the past couple of days has gotten me back into the 80's synthpop mood, but that did not prepare me for the special treat I've had sitting on the music backburner for waaaaaaaaaay too long! The sultry voice of Réjane Magloire, who served as the heart of the Euro-house project TECHNOTRONIC on the 1991 album, "Body To Body", had graced me before when I had the pleasure of tuning in to her 1989 debut album, which was previously featured right here at "The Music Spectrum". So happy to say that she's delighted me again on this rare, three-track standalone single she released prior that self-titled debut entitled "On The Park". Fans of 80's Freestyle music—and just 80's club music altogether—will surely get the same thrills out of this 6+ minute jam as I did! Great beats, great vocals, and even some sublime jazzing up all throughout are a formula that always equates to pop perfection! As for the actual lyrics&mash;sounds like she's giving a tribute to various different parks, with direct mentions of New York City's Central Park and MacArthur Park (the latter had me thinking about the late disco legend, Donna Summer, who recorded that hit disco track by the same name). If it's mostly all beats and groove that you want, the follow-up three-and-a-half-minute dub mix is just for you! Then speaking of getting into the groove, my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' is definitely the third track on this single: a hot cover of the memorable Madonna classic, "Into The Groove". Same chords, same beat and same 80's pop deliciousness! Reggie's deeper vocals, which are in stark contrast to Madonna's more girly chords, take a moment or two of getting used to, but it really works well here, especially with the added jazz element not heard on the original recording. I only wish that the part where she keeps repeating ' now I know you're mine ' the second time through hadn't faded out so soon, but the music is so good that I'm willing to accept this as a minor oversight on the producers' behalf:

1. On The Park (US Club Mix)
2. On The Park (Dub)
3. Into The Groove

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