Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SAGA-Behavior (1985)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 28, 2017

Resuming what I'm confident will someday indeed turn out to be a long listening 'saga' of sorts with this Canadian progressive rock band, as I progress further altogether with both my 80's music and reconnecting with some of the artists in the 'S' entries of my library. The same easy-listening, soft rock radio-ready music 'behavior' presented on my previous joyride with them—1987's "Wildest Dreams"—is exhibited right here on this album called "Behavior". It sure made for a nice 45 minutes of soothing relaxation for my ears; the opener, "Listen To Your Heart", was an immediate indication, That one stuck with me for a while, finding something in its rather odd arrangement, the unsettling sound of the chords and the new wavish-style vocals of SAGA' frontman (which often takes me a minute or two to get used to after not having heard him for a while). It's the same reason why I felt so attached to "What Do I Know?", particularly being drawn to the repetitive words of the title lyrics and the lofty vocals of the backing female singer echoing the ' can't stop thinking about you ' after the chorus and the cool guitar instrumental midway through. There's a few other cool instrumental moments on this album, namely the minute-long interlude curiously entitled "Nine Lives Of Miss Midi" (such lovely, dreamy ambiance on this one), which leads into the soothingly intimate "You And The Night", and both the extended opening movement and the synthesized flute/violin combo midway through on the concluding cut, "(Goodbye) Once Upon A Time", where the idea of no longer living or looking in the past is some good advice that we can all take to heart. The instantly-recognizable catchy 80's pop/rock spark is one of the aspects about this album I enjoyed the most; it makes simple songs like "Take A Chance", "Misbehaviour" ('if you get what you want out of somebody, is it really misbehaving?', is the provocative question they ask) and "Here I Am" into fun musical side adventures all in themselves:

1. Listen To Your Heart
2. Take A Chance
3. What Do I Know?
4. Misbehaviour
5. Nine Lives Of Miss Midi
6. You And The Night
7. Out Of The Shadows
8. Easy Way Out
9. Promises
10. Here I Am
11.(Goodbye) Once Upon A Time

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