Friday, February 24, 2017

Sammy Hagar-Three Lock Box (1982)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 24, 2017

Unlocking a memorable throwback jewel from my 80's glam rock library as I return to concentrate on the S' artists in my music collection. I've totally been missing the sounds of the 'hair band' era, so I thought I would turn on this lone album I have by the iconic lead vocalist of one of my all-time favorite bands—VAN HALEN—to keep me and my ears company. "Three Lock Box" opens up with the fun, catchy title track—one of those tracks where, had I still been a kid, wouldn't have made very much sense to be and would've instead been all caught up in the beat and all of the other signature ingredients that always pour into making glam rock the allure that it was and still is. You definitely know it was the 80's when a rocker is singing about how a lady is like a TV remote and wishing she would turn her signal his way; such is the theme on the follow-up track. I always find it so interesting how some of these old throwback tunes still have so much validity even now in the New Millennium. That's my sentiment about "Remember The Heroes", a song that sets aside a good six minutes to pay tribute to those who fight for our freedom. Sammy's meaningful words of 'we all got a lot to lose' and ' who's gonna fill their shoes? ' gets you reflecting upon the past, the present and the future—all at the same time. Then there's the timeless 80's glam rock classic that Sammy's surely best known for: "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy". It's an awesome feel-gooder with an awesome hook; I particularly like that cool synthesized instrumental break that's played briefly between his delivery of the title lyrics and 'your love just takes me away'. That second half of the chorus, it seems, served as the inspiration behind the eye-catching image of Sammy being devoured by the giant pair of red lips on the cover artwork pictured above. The 80's 'hair band' lover in me really enjoys any jam where the rocker's vocals are loud and in charge, no matter what the subject matter is; that's why I get thrills out of taking songs like "Rise Of The Animal" for a ride. Short and sweet describes "I Wouldn't Change A Thing", where the message about love and having to do it all over again is simple and clear; he takes that same charm in his performance of "Never Give Up" (I sense that same feel-good air here as I do on "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy"), where he vows to make his dreams with the lady come true. The shortest piece of them all, however, is the concluding cut, "I Don't Need Love", which is a drastic shift from the more upbeat, positive side of him featured on the previous tracks. Though as negative as the emotions boil on this one, you can sure get a charge out of its energetic, high-speed rockin' rhythm:

1. Three Lock Box
2. Remote Love
3. Remember The Heroes
4. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
5. In The Room
6. Rise Of The Animal
7. I Wouldn't Change A Thing
8. Growing Up
9. Never Give Up '
10. I Don't Need Love

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