Monday, February 6, 2017

SOUL BROS.-Baby Come Back (2011)


.....And coming back to this soulful dance duo was a great idea indeed! I just wanted to chill out and listen to something fun, festive and warming after a delicious late-night snack to reward myself for some hard work I'd accomplished earlier in the day. Remembering the past thrills I've enjoyed since become hooked on these SOUL BROS., then realizing there are still a few standalone singles of theirs I hadn't heard yet, it was time to check out this five-track remix package of a song whose title readily bears a striking resemblance from a classic golden oldie from the popular music catalog: "Baby Come Back". However, turns out that this is not a cover of the PLAYER original that's often mistaken as being a HALL & OATES soft rock radio staple. Instead of the memorable words of ' you can blame it all on me, I was wrong, and I just can't live without you ', the words of confession that he shouldn't have been out flirting and requesting that his baby girl will reconcile with him are the subject of what's happening here. And I would indeed get that warm and festive sound that I was after—a breezy dance jam with a celebratory tropical island vibe where the bongo drums and soothing bass line made me feel like dancing right along with them! At just a few seconds under the three-minute mark, it;s a good thing that the opening 'A-Class Video Mix' is accompanied by the other four mixes that get progressively longer in playtime. The CREW 7 mixes are awesome—first, the hot, supercharged techno that is the 'Crew 7 Edit', then the nostalgic 'Crew 7 Remix', which has that distinctive 80's-sounding electronic synthpop glitz going on—and I knew that they would be, considering the previous joyride I've had with CREW 7's previously-featured "Number One" and "Number Two" album productions, plus CREW 7's collaboration with the SOUL BROS. dance remake of the INNER CIRCLE hit and "Cops" theme song , "Bad Boys". The coolest mix of all is surely Track #5's 'A-Class Ass Shaker Mix'. This one is pure techno with its minimal vocals, but it's a different kind of techno—a sort of 'techno march', if you will, with the digitized marching drum beat, with the equally digitized robotic vocals replacing the original vocals adding even more ear-appealing zing to the musical fun:

1. Baby Come Back [A-Class Video Mix]
2. Baby Come Back [Crew 7 Edit]
3. Baby Come Back [A-Class Floor Mix]
4. Baby Come Back [Crew 7 Remix]
5. Baby Come Back [A-Class Ass Shaker Mix]

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