Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Billy Squier-Enough Is Enough (1986)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: February 28, 2017

Yeah, enough is enough alright! It's about time I turned on some Billy Squier for my ears already, considering that he's one of the solo hard rockers from the 80's whom I've never gotten fully acquainted with yet.....except for his memorable 1981 hit, "The Stroke", which I've heard on classic rock radio and on at least one 80's compilation album I listened to a while back. Squier had first came to my attention about a decade ago when I was looking for help in identifying another memorable rock hit from my childhood, which turned out to be LOVERBOY's "Lovin' Every Minute Of It". These 80's hair band rockers—a lot of them sound alike, don't they? And it's sound to my ears! But every rock jam that's totally new to me is a brand new music adventure all in itself, no matter who's leading the way on vocals and the accompanying screaming guitars. It was the dynamic opening duo of "Shot O' Love" (I just like the arrangement and the simple hook ' shot o' love '; everything else Billy's singing about kinda got lost as I took in his gritty rockin' vocals) and "Love Is The Hero" (I think that one's become my #1 favorite in a short amount of time) that first got me going here! Then from that point forward, I was once again locked into 80's hard rock mode, getting that feel-good feeling whenever another great hook captured my attention, such as that presented on "Lady With A Tenor Sax" (you always know it's the awesome 80's when there are songs with that kind of title about whatever kind of lady doing whatever kind of thing that attracts the songwriter's eye and captivates his imagination). Billy sure brings down the power on jams like "Powerhouse", "Wink Of An Eye" (kind of a cool twist there on the well-known phrase 'blink of an eye'; thought he'd be talking about himself trying to catch the attention of a femme fatale with a coy wink of his eye, but instead refers to how quickly things can go down) and "Come Home". Yet every hard rocker has a softer, more mellower side of him, and that particular side of Billy Squier is presented during his delivery of the touching piece, "Lonely One". For now, the songs contained here on this 45+ minute joyride are enough to keep me and my ears satisfied, but I can never get enough of the memorable sights and sounds of my favorite decade.....

1. Shot O' Love
2. Love Is The Hero
3. Lady With A Tenor Sax
4. All We Have To Give
5. Come Home
6. Break The Silence
7. Powerhouse
8. Lonely One
9. Til It's Over
10. Wink Of An Eye

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